Pre-MBA Option

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Not sure if the MBA program is for you? Try the Pre-MBA!

This option allows you to take up to 9 credits of elective MBA courses. Since most of these are 3 credits per course, the Pre-MBA option allows you to take three electives before applying to the Iowa State MBA program. We recommend that you start with one or two courses per session. Please note that Pre-MBA students are not eligible to enroll in MBA core courses.

The Pre-MBA option is recommended for candidates that:

  • Are unsure of whether or not they want to enroll in the MBA program, and want to take a few classes beforehand to experience graduate business school at ISU
  • Have decided to apply for the Professional MBA program, but will not have the application complete in time to be offered admission for the next session

Ready to enroll? Become a Pre-MBA student

Unlike the MBA application (which will still be required to be admitted into the MBA program*) enrollment as a Pre-MBA student does not require any GMAT/GRE scores or essays. All you are required to do is complete two steps:

Step 1. Submit a non-degree graduate student application – This will go to the Graduate College, to have you enrolled as a graduate student at Iowa State.

Step 2. Once your application has been approved by the Graduate College, submit a Petition to Enroll in the graduate level business elective you are interested in taking – This will be submitted to the graduate programs office. An up-to-date resume and transcripts are also required.

You can view the catalog of elective courses at:

Pre-MBA application deadlines are as follows:

Session Deadline
Spring December 1st
Summer April 1st
Fall July 15th

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-MBA program, please contact us at or 515-294-8118.