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European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM)

The European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM) provides a unique learning opportunity for experienced professionals enrolled in the professional MBA program. ESSAM is a two-week intensive program with three major components: a core element, an elective class, and a team-based consulting project.

A central feature of ESSAM is the team-based consulting project which is completed during the program. Participants are assigned to a multi-cultural project group with the purpose of studying a strategic issue in a local company. Each group is expected to suggest strategies for further development of the company, present proposals, and suggest an implementation plan of the strategies proposed in the form of a consultancy report.

Electives offered at ESSAM are all taught by internationally renowned faculty. Participants choose one of six electives. All electives require active participation, class discussion, case-study analysis, and group work. The team consulting project is submitted during ESSAM, whereas the other two final papers on the core element and elective class are submitted after ESSAM concludes.

MBA students can transfer up to five elective credit hours to their MBA program of study upon successful completion of the ESSAM program (B or better grades). An additional one credit hour (BUSAD 591) can be earned by writing a summary paper of the ESSAM experience in the fall term.

MBA Credits – ESSAM

Five (5) credits are awarded for the successful completion (B or better final grade) of the core, elective, and team-based consulting project associated with ESSAM.

Students desiring one (1) additional credit can submit an extra paper to the Graduate Programs Office by November 1st. Guidelines for this paper are:

  • Summary of the ESSAM experience
  • Discussion on how ESSAM complemented and expanded upon material covered in Iowa State MBA classes as well as the emphasis on team-based projects
  • Discussion of how the international experience has impacted your career interests, philosophy of management, and future work
  • Conclusion on the value of the ESSAM

The paper needs to be 15-20 pages in length. Students completing the additional paper will register for BUSAD 591 for 1 credit in the fall term following ESSAM. S/F grading will be used. Iowa State tuition will be assessed for BUSAD 591.

Implication for Graduation

Since the five credits from ESSAM are from the Aarhus School of Business, they are considered transfer credit. The ESSAM grade report does not reflect an overall grade. The Graduate Programs Office will calculate your final grade for the program using a weighted conversion scale from European to U.S. equivalent grades. A copy of this grade assessment will be attached to your program of study. A converted final grade of “B or better” is required for transfer credit.

Your Program of Study/Committee (POSC) form should list the following:

  • University: Iowa State University
  • Department Name: Int Ed
  • Course Number: 500
  • Semester Credits: 5
  • Course Title: ESSAM Study Abroad Program
  • Grade: Filled in by Graduate Programs Office
  • Year: The year that you participated in ESSAM

If you complete the additional paper, list BUSAD 591 Professional Experiential Learning for one credit on your POSC form as well.

The core element, and most electives, requires a paper due in mid-September. As such, students participating in the program cannot graduate sooner than December of the year that you participated in ESSAM.

For More Information

Visit the ESSAM website to learn more about the program and how to apply.  An Iowa State University Study Abroad application is also required.