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These do not count towards the 30 credits needed for the MFin degree

Course Description
Acct 501 Financial Accounting (can be waived)
Fin 501 Fundamentals of Finance (can be waived)

18 credits

Course Description
Fin 450 Analytical Finance
Fin 510 Advanced Corporate Finance
Fin 520 Investments
Fin 530 Financial Analysis and Valuation
Fin 534 Financial Derivatives
Fin 550 Financial Econometrics

6 credits selected from this list

Course Description
Fin 515 Case Studies in Financial Decisions
Fin 528 Fixed Income Securities
Fin 535 Venture Capital, Private Equity, and M&A
Fin 564 Advanced Derivatives and Risk Management
Fin 572 Real Estate Finance
Fin 580 International Corporate Finance

6 credits

*Recommended Courses

Course Description
Acct 591 Fraud Examination and Prevention
Acct 592* Financial Statement Analysis
Acct 596 International Accounting
Econ 301* Microeconomics or  Econ 501: Microeconomics (4 cr.)
Econ 302* Macroeconomics or  Econ 502: Macroeconomics (4 cr.)
Econ 344 Public Finance
Econ 431* Managerial Economics or  Econ 532: Managerial Economics
Econ 416* Industrial Organization
Econ 455* International Trade
Econ 457* International (Macroeconomic) Finance
Econ 466 Agricultural Finance
MIS 533* Data Management for Decision Makers
Stat 341 Mathematical Statistics I  or  Stat 588: Mathematical Statistics (4 cr.)
Stat 432 Applied Probability Models
Stat 451 Applied Time Series
Stat 479* Computer Processing of Statistical Data
Stat 480* Statistical Computing Applications