Who Should Apply?

The PhD program will be small and highly selective. Admission to the program is competitive and based on an applicant’s academic merit, interest in research and creation of knowledge, and match of research interests with faculty in the College of Business. We seek individuals with intellectual rigor who show an innate level of curiosity for learning supported by strong work habits and capacity for perseverance. They should also have the capacity to be self-starters and exhibit excellent communication skills.

Application Deadlines

Fall 2021 is January 15, 2021 (all materials required by this date). Please apply early to allow us sufficient time to carefully evaluate your application.

Online Application


The Ivy College of Business utilizes a 2-phase ISU full application. Use the “apply now” button and find the degree seeking graduate application. Phase 1 is free of charge. You will answer background questions and upload unofficial transcripts and statement of purpose, and exam reports. Should your credentials meet admission guidelines, you will be asked to continue to Phase 2, which will require additional questions and payment of the application fee.

Phase 1: Preapplication check

  • Your preapplication will be compared to COB Admission Requirements.
  • If your Phase 1 documentation (unofficial transcripts, resume, statement of purpose, and exam scores)  shows that you meet COB admission requirements, you will be encouraged to move on to Phase 2.
  • For Phase 2, you will answer additional questions and at this stage you will be asked to pay an application fee.

Phase 2: Finalizing the full application.

  • All information from Phase 1 is forwarded to Phase 2.
  • Completing Phase 2 is not a guarantee of admission.
  • Should you be accepted for admission, official documents will be required.

Required Application Materials (Full application/Phase 2)

  1. Online Application (Select Business and Technology as your major) Upload below materials within your online application) Copies may be uploaded for initial departmental review. If you are accepted, official test scores and transcripts must be sent directly from your institution to the Office of Admissions.
  2. Test Scores
    • GMAT: (Preferred) 600 minimum. Send your GMAT scores using TNQ-WX-02. We also accept the GRE test score, use School Code 6306.
      • See GMAT Mini Quiz below.
    • TOEFL: 600 paper (PBT), 250 Computer (CBT), 100 Internet (iBT)
    • IELTS: 7
    • PTE: 68
  3. Transcripts
  4. Resume or Vita
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation
  6.  A sample of your writing is strongly encouraged

Personal Interview

After an application is received and reviewed by the PhD admissions committee, it is possible a Skype interview between each viable applicant and the committee members in the applicant’s field(s) will be arranged.

Your Acceptance / Decline Decision

If you are admitted to our program, we will appreciate receiving your prompt accept or decline response to our offer. However, as per the guidelines of the Council of Graduate Schools, we abide by the resolution that states, students are under no obligation to respond to offers of financial support prior to April 15.

Admission Decisions

By early-March
Applications will be reviewed by the PhD admissions committee immediately following application deadline date.  We expect student notifications to occur by late February or early March.

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