The applicant to the PhD program must have earned a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from an accredited institution whose requirements for the particular degree are equivalent to those of Iowa State University. The completion of a Master’s degree is not a requirement for entrance to the program or for granting of the PhD However, students with a Master’s degree (particularly in business) may complete the program earlier than students entering with only a Bachelor’s degree.

All doctoral students must have an appropriate business background for their particular area of study. Students are also expected to have a base knowledge in applied business statistics (3 Cr). Additionally, students without an MBA degree (even if they hold an undergraduate degree in business) will be required to complete the following graduate foundation areas. A choice of one course from each of the six different areas can fulfill this requirement:

  • Financial or managerial accounting (min. 3 Cr)
  • Corporate finance (min. 3 Cr)
  • Management information systems (min. 3 Cr)
  • Marketing (min. 3 Cr)
  • Supply chain management (min. 3 Cr)
  • Microeconomics (min. 3 Cr)

To complete all graduate foundation courses at Iowa State, students will typically require two semesters. It is desirable to take these courses during the spring and summer sessions or summer and fall sessions because of the two-term system at the University.