The PhD in information systems is a full-time program focusing on preparing students for academic positions in institutions where research, teaching, and service are valued and rewarded. Therefore, in additional to research, students are trained in effective teaching and engagement in the information systems community.

The faculty in the IS program have a strong national and international reputation. They have excellent publication records, hold editorial positions in major journals, and are experienced in mentoring doctoral students. The IS faculty research interests are broad, covering technical, economic, and behavioral aspects of information systems. The program maintains a high faculty to student ratio, allowing close collaboration and interaction with faculty and strong mentoring of students. We encourage our students to take advantage of the faculty resources and become research active as early as possible.

Information Systems Faculty, Students, and Alumni

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Andrew Harrison Headshot

“The ISU doctoral program in the College of Business prepared me for a career in academic research. I still have very close relationships with many of the faculty and students I worked with while in Ames and I often collaborate on new research projects with them. My experiences in the PhD program included engaging in research, learning new analytical methods, and developing instructional curriculum. These activities equipped me with a combination of skills universities are looking for and started my academic career.”

Andrew Harrison
Assistant Professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems
University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, Ohio