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Felipe Cortes

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Felipe is a PhD candidate majoring in Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Prior to starting his doctoral studies, he worked as research assistant at Inalde Business School, in Colombia. His research interests are on Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management of Innovation. More specifically, he studies how top managerial decision-making influences organizations and how organizations generate and implement new ideas. He currently teaches MGMT 478, the mandatory strategic management course for business undergraduate students.

Prabhjot (Prab) S. Mukandwal

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Prab is a doctoral candidate in the Supply Chain Management. Prab’s research interests encompass strategic environmental sourcing, environmental sustainability in supply chain management, and consumer behavior. Prab’s research has appeared in the Transportation Journal. An another paper based on his dissertation research is currently under review at Journal of Business Logistics.

He received a Master’s degree in Engineering Management (IT for Manufacturing) from The University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Prior to enrolling at Iowa State, Prab spent over nine years in the industry. During his time in the industry, he has consulted several medium and large enterprises for supply chain transformational initiatives using SAP solutions.

Prab has served as a full-time instructor for Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM 301), a business undergraduate-level course, over the past three academic semesters.

Email: pjsingh@iastate.edu

Bo (Larry) Lan

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Bo (Larry) Lan is a Ph.D. candidate in Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. His research focuses on leveraging his expertise in optimization techniques to improve the efficiency of SCM especially in transportation. Incorporating new technologies (e.g. drones and electrical vehicles) into the traditional vehicle routing problems (VRP) to generate environmentally friendly and cost-saving transportation schedules is attractive to Larry. He is also interested in developing more enhanced metaheuristics to solve NP-hard VRP problems. He has published one paper in the International Journal of Production Economics and still working on several other projects.

Before entering the doctoral program, Larry earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Economics in Business Administration. He has more than 10 years of working experience in the industry of SCM in some global leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies and 3PL.

Larry has taught a senior level undergraduate course (‘Decision Tools for Logistics and Operations Management’- SCM 460) for two semesters and received good evaluations from students. His teaching interests are SCM courses especially related to quantitative methods.

Email: bolan@iastate.edu

Aslan Lotfi

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Aslan Lotfi is a PhD candidate in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. Falling under the broad realm of predictive analytics and modeling, Aslan’s research studies the diffusion of a behavior in a target population and factors influencing individuals to commit the behavior. For instance, a behavior of interest can be actively searching online environments for information about a new information technology product or making initial and repeat product purchase decisions. He studies the digital attribution problem related to factors influencing the diffusion of a behavior and seeks to determine the effect of advertisement from different digital marketing channels on potential customers’ product adoption decisions. Aslan has a manuscript under second round review in Marketing Science, and several more research projects in various stages of preparation.

Aslan is also passionate about teaching a variety of technical and managerial topics, given his educational background in mathematics, business administration, information systems, and research activities in consumer analytics and new product diffusion. He has taught MIS 301, an introductory management information systems course required for all business majors and served as a teaching assistant for MIS 320, a course in database management systems.

Aslan has the experience of implementing academic research to benefit practice as well. He has collaborated with the data science team of a well-known video game company on multiple data analytics projects.

Research interests: Business Analytics, Digital Attribution, Diffusion of Technological Innovations, Applications of Fractional Calculus in Business and Economics Research

Teaching interests: Business Data Analytics and Intelligence, Data Mining/Machine Learning, Database Management, Managerial Statistics, Quantitative Research Methods, Programming, etc

Email:  alotfi@iastate.edu