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Felipe Cortes

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Felipe is a PhD candidate majoring in Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Prior to starting his doctoral studies, he worked as research assistant at Inalde Business School, in Colombia. His research interests are on Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management of Innovation. More specifically, he studies how top managerial decision-making influences organizations and how organizations generate and implement new ideas. He currently teaches MGMT 478, the mandatory strategic management course for business undergraduate students.

Xinxue (Shawn) Qu

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Xinxue (Shawn) Qu is a PhD candidate in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. His research focuses on developing analytics tools to understand consumers’ purchase and upgrade decisions using large-scale datasets. He has published in MIS Quarterly and Decision Sciences. His achievements in research were acknowledged by the Ivy College of Business, which awarded him with two Doctoral Student Research Awards.

Xinxue (Shawn) is also passionate about teaching and open to a variety of IS-related topics. He has taught three sections of MIS 301, which is a mandatory introductory course to management information systems for all business undergraduate students. In addition, he served as a teaching assistant for two sections of graduate-level Advanced Business Analytics (i.e. MIS 546 section A and XW).

Research interests: Business Analytics, Multi-Generation Technology Diffusion, Data Management, Economics of Information Systems, Data Mining/Machine Learning, Optimization.

Teaching interests: Business Analytics, Data Mining/Machine Learning, Quantitative Research Methods, Database Management, Programming, etc.

Email: quxinxue@iastate.edu

Prabhjot (Prab) S. Mukandwal

Professional Portrait of PhD Student

Prab is a doctoral candidate in the Supply Chain Management. Prab’s research interests encompass strategic environmental sourcing, environmental sustainability in supply chain management, and consumer behavior. Prab’s research has appeared in the Transportation Journal. An another paper based on his dissertation research is currently under review at Journal of Business Logistics.

He received a Master’s degree in Engineering Management (IT for Manufacturing) from The University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Prior to enrolling at Iowa State, Prab spent over nine years in the industry. During his time in the industry, he has consulted several medium and large enterprises for supply chain transformational initiatives using SAP solutions.

Prab has served as a full-time instructor for Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM 301), a business undergraduate-level course, over the past three academic semesters.

Email: pjsingh@iastate.edu