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Ke Gong

Ke Gong is a Ph.D. candidate in Management at Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. His research interests are in corporate governance and nonmarket strategy. His dissertation analyzes how political factors affect the commission and detection of financial fraud. He has working papers on how CEOs influence firm performance and what drives firms’ prosocial behavior as well as misbehavior. Ke has two papers under review related to managerial actions and reputation perceptions. One is currently under review at the Journal of Business Research. The other is an accepted proposal at the Academy of Management Perspectives.

Ke has over ten years of industry experience in multiple companies. Before joining the Ph.D. program, he worked at Intel China for six years as a Senior Business Analyst supporting top management making strategic plans. Ke earned a Master of Business Administration from Beihang University and a Master’s in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Ke has taught the undergraduate capstone Strategic Management course (‘Strategic Management’-MGMT 478) for three semesters and was recently awarded the Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award.

Research interests: Corporate Governance, Nonmarket Strategy, Reputation, Entrepreneurial Activities, Family Business

Teaching interests: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Management Principles

Sebastian Cortes Mejia

Short bio: Sebastian has a double Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and international business administration. Before joining the Ph.D. he worked for three years and a half as a research assistant and for one year as lecturer.

Research interests: Sebastian’s research interests are mostly around strategic leadership, managerial cognition, and corporate social responsibility. He studies investors and firms’ responses to executives’ negative non-work behaviors, by exploring cognition as the pervasive human dimension that facilitates the overlap between work and non-work lives of top managers. Furthermore, he is interested on the factors that determine the scope of the influence of non-work life of top managers on the firm and the scope of the responsibility of the firm on its influence on cognition of individuals. Sebastian has a paper published in the journal of organizational behavior and one of his conference presentation papers was nominated for the best article in social issues in management in AOM 2020 entitling to publish a short version of the article in the proceedings.

Teaching interests: Sebastian’s teaching interests are mostly in strategic management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has taught for three semesters at Iowa State University strategic management 478 that is a management class required for all business majors, and he was a lecturer for two semesters in Colombia teaching innovation and entrepreneurship.