The Iowa State University College of Business was an ideal place for me to pursue my PhD I enjoyed working with various faculty members both within and outside my committee. They always provided to me honest feedback and challenged me to stretch and grow. There was constant encouragement that helped me build my independent research stream, have multiple research publications, and eventually contributed to me finding a rewarding career at a top tier research university. My educational experience at Iowa State University College of Business was truly remarkable.

-Saurabh Ambulkar, Assistant Professor at Northeaster University, Boston, MA

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my journey in the Iowa State University College of Business doctoral program. The faculty members and staff in this fabulous community are approachable and very helpful. It is always easy to find the faculty member for advice. The faculty members are willing to support and guide all doctoral students. I appreciate the training I received to become an independent researcher and teacher, which helps me prepare my academic career. Pursuing the doctorate degree in this beautiful campus would surely be a wonderful experience.

-Yuanfeng Cai, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at Baruch College, City University of New York

“The Iowa State University College of Business doctoral program is truly unique in the helpful attention that all of the faculty and staff offer to every doctoral student. I enjoyed great working relationships not only with my committee members, but also with every other member of the College of Business team. I felt that I had a building full of willing career mentors, research reviewers, and people who supported me in everything I did.”

-David Correll, Research Scientist at MIT, Cambridge, MA

“The ISU doctoral program in the College of Business prepared me for a career in academic research. I still have very close relationships with many of the faculty and students I worked with while in Ames and I often collaborate on new research projects with them. My experiences in the PhD program included engaging in research, learning new analytical methods, and developing instructional curriculum. These activities equipped me with a combination of skills universities are looking for and started my academic career.”

-Andrew Harrison, Assistant Professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

“My experience during my studies in the Iowa State University College of Business doctoral program was very positive. The research facility, resource and mental support that I have received from all levels (including the university, faculty and peer students) throughout my journey at ISU, I believe are the major strengths of the program. I am especially appreciative of the mentorship and training I’ve received throughout the program. It has prepared me (and continue to) to move in the direction of conducting high standard scholarship.”

-Jenny (Meng-Hsien) Lin, Assistant Professor of Marketing at California State University Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA

“I am so fortunate to have graduated with my PhD in Supply Chain Management from Iowa State University. The level of care and interaction I received from the faculty, across academic disciplines, helped prepare me to be a good colleague at my academic placement and was personally enriching. I know that the “open door” policy shared by many faculty within the College of Business at Iowa State does not occur many other places. This level of attention not only lets you know that you are valued, but is critical to your development as an academic scholar. Since beginning my faculty position at the University of West Florida, I have been fortunate enough to have multiple academic journal articles accepted while also receiving high evaluations from the students I instruct. I know a large reason for my success (if you will allow me to call it as such) was the choice I made to attend Iowa State University to pursue my PhD. Hopefully, you will consider the same choice!”

-Peter Ralston, Assistant Professor at University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

“Three things are vital for any doctoral student to successfully complete his/her studies and earn a PhD. An active mentor-ship, supportive financial and other research infrastructure across the University, and autonomy to student’s research interest. ISU-COB’s doctoral program provides all these three facets in the right proportion making a student’s research and personal life balanced and productive. I feel proud to have graduated with a Marketing PhD from the Iowa State University and I encourage and wish you the very best to be part of this wonderful and important journey in your career.”

-Arunachalam Swaminathan, Assistant Professor at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India