Undergraduate Business Career Services

At Ivy, our approach is unique. Our undergraduate Business Career Services office is structured so each professional career coordinator focuses on one discipline – yours. If you’re a marketing major, your career coordinator is someone who specializes in all things marketing. Finance majors get expert guidance from our finance career coordinator, and so on.

This specialization gives you an edge. You’ll be connected with an expert in your field, someone who knows the most important details about that industry, someone who has the best connections. With the help of your career coordinator, you will meet a new network of people to help you find your path and make your impact.

Your career coordinator is here to work with you to prepare for your future career and help you make decisions that work for you. Whether you’re choosing your major, looking for an internship, navigating the process of a job offer (or multiple offers!), or thinking about advancing your education, we have you covered.

It’s never too soon – or too late – to get started.


Our job is jobs. Having a professional Ivy College of Business career coordinator on your side is like having access to a super hero! They are here to help you prepare for all aspects of your career, including searching for internships and jobs, polishing your resume, and preparing for interviews. Request an appointment today.

Connect in the classroom. As an Ivy student, you will enroll in our course, BUSAD 203: Professional Development in Business. Through team-based learning, you will identify your unique strengths and values, learn how to thrive professionally in the workforce, discuss ethical dilemmas, and gain knowledge and resources related to searching for internships/jobs, networking, creating application materials, preparing for interviews, and evaluating offers.

Develop as a leader. The Gerdin Leaders Academy (GLA) is the perfect place to create or hone your leadership skills. Business students are known to be leaders on the Iowa State University campus. That’s why we strive to offer you the best opportunities to help you showcase your skills. Learn more about this unique opportunity.

Engage with employers. Our career events allow students to build relationships with employers, learn about internships and full-time employment opportunities, and practice professional communication and networking skills. Our offerings include large-scale career fairs, major-specific networking events, industry speakers, practice interviews, information sessions, and more.

Career events

Annual report

At Ivy, 97 percent of undergraduates are engaged within six months of graduation (employed professionally, graduate school, additional education, and temporary employment/seeking permanent employment).

Our Annual Report provides information from recent graduates regarding employers, locations, salaries, etc. that can be helpful as you develop your plans. We also provide data from prior annual reports.

Another helpful tool is Who Went Where which is a report comprised of first destination data from Ivy College of Business graduates that has been sorted by major.

Business Career Services Annual Report 2021-2022


Ivy College of Business graduates of Iowa State University are eligible to use the services offered through our Business Career Services. Alumni can schedule an appointment through email or by calling 515-294-2542.

If you would like to access to our online job board, please submit an Alumni CyHire registration form.


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