Student Spotlight: Maddy Pigott

Maddy Pigott believes the future is female. When asked about what drew her to Iowa State, the Toronto, Canada native elaborated on her decision to enroll in the Ivy MBA at Iowa State’s Ivy College of Business. Pigott carefully calculated the return on investment when choosing MBA programs across the U.S. and the Ivy MBA stood out from all the others.

“I was intrigued by Iowa State because it was one of the first MBA programs in the U.S. to have an even gender split. I wanted to go to a school that placed an emphasis on gender equality and women in business, and it was apparent this was the case for the Ivy MBA. “

The program is helping her establish the leadership skills necessary to manage and lead a sizable team after graduation. The coursework involves real-world consulting projects and case competitions which are helping Pigott further develop her business acumen, something that she believes is a precursor for success in any senior leadership role.

Another program feature that stood out to Pigott was the opportunities for assistantships, which can help decrease the cost of tuition for out of state and international students. Pigott landed a summer marketing internship with an international consumer packaged goods company on the east coast, Reckitt. After graduation, she is hoping to land a marketing gig in brand management.

When asked about the advice she would give to students who are on the fence about pursuing an MBA, Pigott says it comes down to a desire to lead and accelerate your career. “You should be prepared to jump into it wholeheartedly. This is truly one of those programs where you get out what you put into it. It is an excellent vehicle to establish meaningful career connections and learn lots – fast. But, in order to extract the most value, you need to be fully committed and prepare to step out of your comfort zone.”

Canadians are known for their extreme niceness and public courtesy, but when asked if Iowans have the same demeanor, Pigott says Midwesterners are even nicer. This helped make her transition to Iowa even smoother because she didn’t experience a huge culture shock or feelings of being homesick. However, she does miss a couple things about Toronto, including her family, friends and Ruffle’s ‘All Dressed’ potato chips!”

We are thankful to have future female leaders, like Maddy Pigott, who are shaping our MBA program by offering a diverse, gender inclusive perspective.