Want to start a business? Go for it. Want to study how an international market works? Pack your bags and a camera. Want to run the books for a non-profit? Bring a calculator. Don’t quite know what you want to do in business yet? No problem. You’re going to college for an adventure so you can discover yourself, and get a jumpstart on the career of your dreams. A business degree is one of the smartest ways to do that. Here you’ll learn the theories, skills, and how to apply them to a variety of different fields, helping you succeed right out of the gate. But at Iowa State, you won’t just earn a degree. You’ll also be creating your own network of faculty, students, staff, and employers that will be with you for years to come. A network that will make you attractive to employers and help you land that important first job or grad school placement, as 96 percent of our graduates do.

Start Exploring

We want you to explore every option. It’s the best way to discover your passion. That’s why every undergraduate students starts as a pre-business student. After the pre-business foundation you’re ready to declare a specific major and get to work pursuing your dreams.

Majors & Minors

“I started my college adventure at NIACC with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. My adventure continued when I chose business at Iowa State University. Transferring from NIACC to Iowa State was easy!”

Jessica Graham
Mason City, Iowa

Smooth Transferring Ahead

Ready to continue your business adventure? The Ivy College of Business offers a variety of resources to assist you in your transfer process.

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