Multiple Majors or Degrees within the Ivy College of Business

Students may earn a second (or third) major within the Ivy College of Business.  All students pursuing an additional major must complete at least 15 credits of coursework that is unique to the additional major.  Students pursuing an additional degree must complete at least 30 credits more than the minimum number of required credits for the first degree. (Ivy College of Business students who wish to pursue a double degree within Business must complete a minimum of 152 credits and satisfy all requirements for both degrees.)

Primary major in the Ivy College of Business with Secondary Major outside the Ivy College of Business

Undergraduate students with a primary major in the Ivy College of Business who wish to pursue a secondary major outside the college should refer to University Catalog information of the appropriate college and department for secondary major requirements.

Primary major outside the Ivy College of Business with Secondary Major in the Ivy College of Business

Undergraduates who are pursuing a primary major outside the Ivy College of Business may choose any business major as their secondary major with the exception of International Business*. Students pursuing this option must meet the admission requirements for the professional program, complete the business core courses, and the major specialization. Prior to declaring a secondary major in the Ivy College of Business, students should contact their academic adviser to register for a Curriculum Change meeting.
(*International Business is a secondary major for Ivy College of Business students only.)

To declare an additional major or degree, the Multiple Curricula or Multiple Degrees form must be completed and returned to the College Student Services office of the primary major.