The certificate in professional sales is a course of study in the Ivy College of Business designed for any undergraduate student regardless of major who wish to enhance their degree and employment possibilities by adding expertise in professional selling. Research studies suggest that approximately 80 percent of marketing majors accept a sales position upon graduation and notably, 60 percent of all business students will take a job with at least some sales-related duties after graduation.

The certificate program will equip students with knowledge and skills related to developing and managing mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Students pursuing sales certificate will be participating in role-play exercises, sales presentations, industry-based cases studies, team projects, and others. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with leaders in various industries who will share their expertise and provide support.

The certificate program is built on a strong theoretical background with an emphasis on application and practice. The certificate provides students with an opportunity to learn about the ethical, technological, analytical, and global aspects of professional sales.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the certificate in professional sales, students will be able to:

· Identify and describe the steps in a relational selling process to create value and achieve customer satisfaction,

· Apply the sales technology, skills and knowledge to business problems,

· Enhance oral communication skills and basic business writing skills,

· Build a network and develop professional relationships through corporate participation in the sales program, and

· Enhance career management options by gaining a better understanding of sales as a career option.


The certificate in professional sales requires the completion of at least 7 courses, totaling 21 credit hours. At least 12 credits should be taken at Iowa State University.

Required Courses (12 credits):

MKT 340 Principles of Marketing 3

MKT 342 Foundations of Personal Selling 3

MKT 442 Sales Management 3

MKT 450 Advanced Professional Selling 3

Elective Courses

“Before taking this class, I was completely opposed to sales and being a salesman. After taking this class, I am now the marketing and public relations director of the Ivy Sales Club and will be competing in a sales competition next fall. I have found a passion for the science/art of selling which I will be pursuing in my professional career. This class is the closest thing to real world experience and if I could I would retake this class to get the experience of the sales presentations again.

— Jack Wilgenbusch, a junior in marketing, has an internship with Pella Window