Iowa State University policies:

  • Iowa State will accept up to 16 semester (24 quarter) hours of credit earned in vocational-technical courses when the sending community college has accepted such courses toward granting an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree.
  • No more than 65 semester credits earned at two-year colleges can be applied to a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University.
  • A student’s last 32 semester credits must be completed at Iowa State University.

College of Business policies:

  • All new entering students are enrolled in a pre-business curriculum. To enter the Professional Program and declare a Business major, students must complete the following:
    1. All Foundation Courses and English through ENGL 150 (including any ENGL 101 requirements);
    2. completion of 30 credits;
    3. a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the foundation courses (using transfer grades) or in the cumulative Iowa State GPA.
  • The College of Business does not include 300-level courses transferred from two-year institutions in the 42 credits of 300+ level needed to graduate from Iowa State.
  • The College of Business only allows a grade of Pass/Not Pass (P/NP) in non-business general electives.
  • Some general education requirements are waived for students completing an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. See “Articulation/Transfer Agreements”: .
    1. Iowa State University College of Business will accept Associate of Arts (AA) degrees to cover most general education courses. (This does not include the University requirements for 3 credits of International Perspectives and 3 credits of US Diversity.)
    2. Students will be required to take business communication, ethics/moral reasoning, a global perspectives course and possibly library instruction to complete the general education requirements.
    3. Students will not be admitted into the professional program for their major until they complete the foundation courses.
    4.  AA degrees must be from an Iowa community college, include 60 prescribed (90 quarter) credits acceptable for transfer and student must achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • The complete list of all General Education courses for Business majors available at Iowa State can be found here:
  • For questions or clarification, contact the Iowa State College of Business, Undergraduate Programs at (515) 294-8300.