The Ivy College of Business is offering financial assistance to help you lower the cost of GMAT test preparation services through the test prep company Magoosh. This assistance improves accessibility to GMAT test preparation services if you are an undergraduate student interested in applying to the concurrent MBA program, which requires a GMAT score. For just $65, you can access all Magoosh GMAT test preparation services. That’s a value of over $500 value.

Benefits of Magoosh Test Preparation Services

Students who utilize Magoosh GMAT test preparation services score on average 90 points higher than students who do not utilize test preparation services. Magoosh services are highly accessible and convenient. You can study anywhere, anytime, on desktop or mobile devices.

Test preparation services include:

  • 12 months of access.
  • Access to Math, Verbal, IR, and AWA.
  • More than 340 video lessons.
  • More than 1,300 practice questions.
  • At least two diagnostic tests.
  • Email support from test prep experts.
  • Includes four full-length GMAT practice exams from GMAC.
  • Practice question sets 1 and 2 from GMAC, containing 350+ practice questions each.

How to receive a Magoosh GMAT test prep subsidy:

  1. Student fills out form to request the subsidy.
  2. Student receives access code from Ivy College of Business.
  3. Student is charged $65 fee to UBill to cover the remaining cost not covered by Ivy College of Business.
  4. Student submits GMAT score to Ivy College of Business Graduate Programs Office within 12 months of receiving the access code.*

*IMPORTANT: Students who do not submit scores within the 12-month period will be assessed an additional fee of $170, which will be charged to the student’s UBill.

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