MBAN Ambassador

Siddarth GopalakrishnanHello everyone!

My name is Siddarth Gopalakrishnan. I am currently pursuing a master’s in business analytics at Iowa State University. I have an academic background in industrial engineering and a MSc in data science. With professional experience in the data analytics field, I excel in suggesting data-driven decisions and thrive in collaborative team environments. My experience includes a role as a data analyst at Tiger Analytics Consulting, where I worked in marketing analytics to optimize advertising spending. I also served as a data science consultant at Keydabra, a data-driven startup specializing in web analytics to optimize online performance and drive digital success in e-commerce through predictive and prescriptive analytics. Exploring new places is one of my greatest joys, as I love to travel and uncover the beauty of the world. Trying out multi-cuisine foods from around the globe is a delightful hobby that allows me to savor the diverse flavors our world offers. Sports also hold a special place in my heart, with a deep affection for basketball, soccer, and the high-speed world of Formula One.

  • Hometown: Coimbatore, India.
  • Undergraduate degree: industrial engineering, data science.
  • Work experience: Tiger Analytics Consulting, Keydabra.
  • Personal hobbies: basketball, soccer, traveling, cooking.