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Abhay N Mishra

Title: Associate Professor and Dean's Fellow of Management Information Systems
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics

Office: 3135 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-6231


Dr. Mishra is Associate Professor and Dean’s Fellow of MIS at the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University. He received his Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin.

Abhay’s research has focused on the application of digital innovations and analytics on organizations and individuals. He has studied the implementation of digital innovations to effectuate process and strategy changes, and their impacts on performance. He has also studied the use of digital innovations among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health benefits recipients, and students. In recent years, Abhay’s research interests have included business analytics, blockchain, IT and labor, online learning, and philanthropy-based crowdfunding. He is very interested in the application of data science tools in healthcare, agriculture, financial services, logistics and manufacturing industries. His research has been referenced in Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, Business Wire, Insurance News Net, Healthcare Financial Management Association and others.

Abhay’s research has been published in premier information systems, operations management and healthcare journals. He enjoys working on challenging problems that have rigorous academic and compelling pragmatic components. He seeks out opportunities to work with smart researchers worldwide.

Dr. Mishra has taught a variety of information systems, health care, analytics and operations management courses to undergraduate, MBA, MSA, MHA, doctoral, and Executive MBA students. He has received teaching awards from students at Georgia State University and Carnegie Mellon University.

Abhay serves as an Associate Editor at MIS Quarterly, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of the Association of Information Systems.

Academic History

  • PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2003
  • MBA, Xavier Labor Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, India, 1996
  • B. Tech, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India, 1993


  • Health Information Technology and Applications
  • Digital innovations, operational and strategic transformations and organizational performance
  • Blockchain technology and applications
  • Business Analytics and Applications in Health Care, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Financial Services Industries
  • IT and supply chain management
  • IT capabilities and strategy
  • IT and Labor
  • Philanthropy-based crowdfunding

Selected Publications

  • Singh, R., L. Mathiassen, A. N. Mishra (2015) "Organizational path constitution in technological innovation: Evidence from rural telehealth", MIS Quarterly, 39 (3):643-665.
  • Yu, S., A. N. Mishra, A. Gopal, S. Slaughter, T. Mukhopadhyay (2015) "E-procurement infusion and operational process impacts in MRO procurement: Complementary or substitutive effects?", Production and Operations Management, 24 (7):1054-1070.
  • Mishra, A. N., P. Ketsche, J. Marton, A. Snyder, S. McLaren (2014) "Examining the potential of information technology to improve public insurance application processes: Enrollee assessments from a concurrent mixed method analysis", Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 21 (6):1045-1052.
  • Bhargava, H., A. N. Mishra (2014) "Electronic medical records and physician productivity: Evidence from panel data analysis", Management Science, 60 (10):2543-2562.
  • Mishra, A. N., S. Devaraj, G. Vaidyanathan (2013) "Capability hierarchy in electronic procurement and procurement process performance: An empirical analysis", Journal of Operations Management, 31 (6):376-390.
  • Devaraj, S., G. Vaidyanathan, A. N. Mishra (2012) "Effect of purchase volume flexibility and purchase mix flexibility on e-procurement performance: An analysis of two perspectives", Journal of Operations Management, 30 (7-8):509-520.
  • Mishra, A. N., C. Anderson, C. M. Angst, R. Agarwal (2012) "Electronic health records assimilation and physician identity evolution: An identity theory perspective", Information Systems Research, 23 (3, Part 1 of 2):738-760.
  • Mishra, A. N., R. Agarwal (2010) "Technological frames, organizational capabilities, and IT use: An empirical investigation of electronic procurement", Information Systems Research, 21 (2):249-270.
  • Mishra, A. N., P. Konana, A. Barua (2007) "Antecedents and consequences of Internet use in procurement: An empirical investigation of U.S. manufacturing firms", Information Systems Research, 18 (1):103-120.