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Diane Janvrin

Title: William L. Varner Professor / Professor
Department: Accounting

Office: 3365 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-9450

Academic History

  • PhD, Business Administration, University of Iowa, 2001
  • MA, Accountancy, University of Iowa, 1986
  • BA, Business Management, Central College, Pella IA, 1983


  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Auditing

Selected Publications

  • Lowe, J., J. Bierstaker, D. Janvrin, and G. Jenkins (2018) "Information Technology in an Audit Context: Have the Big 4 Lost Their Advantage?", Journal of Information Systems, 32 (1):87-107.
  • Demek, K, R. Raschke, D. Janvrin, W. Dilla (2018) "Social Media: A Model of Organizational Use, Perceived Risk, and Policy Implementation", International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 27:31-44.
  • Lenk, M., J. P. Krahel, D. J. Janvrin, and B. A. Considine (2018) "Social Technology: An Integrated Strategy and Risk Management Framework", Journal of Information Systems,
  • Dilla, W., J. Perkins, D. Janvrin, and R. Raschke (2016) "Investor Attitudes, Investment Screen Use, and Socially Responsibility Investment Behavior", Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 7 (2):246-267.
  • Considine, B., J.P. Krahel, M, Lenk, and D. Janvrin (2016) "Social Technology: A Compendium of Short Cases", Issues in Accounting Education (American Accounting Association journal), 31 (4):417-430.
  • Schneider, G., J. Dai, D. Janvrin, K. Ajayi, and R. Raschke. (2015) "Infer, Predict, and Assure: Accounting Opportunities in Data Analytics, ", Accounting Horizons (American Accounting Association journal), 29 (3):719-742.
  • Janvrin, D., and M. Mascha (2014) "The Financial Close Process: Implications for Future Research", International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 15 (4):381-399.
  • Janvrin, Raschke, and Dilla (2014) "Making Sense of Complex Data Using Interactive Data Visualization", Journal of Accounting Education, 32 (4):31-48.
  • Dilla, Janvrin, and Jeffrey (2013) "The Impact of Graphical Displays of Pro Forma Earnings Information on Professional and Non-professional Investors' Earnings Judgments", Research in Behavioral Accounting, 25 (1):37-60.
  • Dilla, W, A. Harrison, B. Mennecke, and D. Janvrin (2013) "The Assets are Virtual but the Behavior is Real: An Analysis of Fraud in Virtual Worlds and its Implications for the Real World", Journal of Information Systems (AAA Accounting Information Systems section journal), 27 (2):131-158.
  • Dilla, W., D. Janvrin, and R. Raschke (2010) "Interactive Data Visualization: New Directions for Accounting Information Systems Research", Journal of Information Systems (AAA Information Systems section journal), 24 (2):1-18.
  • Janvrin, D., J. Bierstaker, and J. Lowe (2009) "An Investigation of Factors Influencing the Use of Computer-Related Audit Procedures", Journal of Information Systems (AAA Information Systems section journal), 23:97-118.
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  • Janvrin, D., J. Bierstaker, and J. Lowe (2008) "An Examination of Auditor Technology Usage and Perceived Importance", Accounting Horizons (AAA journal), 22:1-21.