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Huifang Mao

Title: Raisbeck Professor in Business and Interim Associate Dean for Research and Academic Personnel / Professor
Department: Marketing / Administration
Office: 2200 Gerdin

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Academic History

  • Ph.D., Marketing, Indiana Univeristy, 2006
  • BS, Business Administration, Fudan University, 1998


  • Information processing and judgments
  • Social perceptions
  • Branding
  • Construal Level

Selected Publications

  • Chen, Z., Mao, H., Tu, T., & Wang, H. (forthcoming) "The Asymmetric Effect of Corporate Reputation Communication on Flagship and Non-Flagship Product Evaluations", Psychology and Marketing, Link to Paper
  • Yang, S., Xiong, G., Mao, H., & Ma, M. (2023) "Virtual Fitting Room Effect: Moderating Role Of Body Mass Index", Journal of Marketing Research, 60 (6):1221-1241. Link to Paper
  • Jain, S., Mathur, P., Isaac, M., Mao, H., and Maheswaran, D. (2024) "Brand Extension Failure and Parent Brand Penalty: The Role of Implicit Theories", Journal of Consumer Psychology, 34 (1):49-65. Link to Paper
  • Johnson, Z. S., Mao, H., Lefebvre, S., & Ganesh, J. (2019) "Good Guys Can Finish First: How Brand Reputation Affects Extension Evaluations", Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29 (4):565-585. Link to Paper
  • Yang, X., Mao, H., Jia, L., & Bublitz, M. G. (2019) "A Sweet Romance: Divergent Effects of Romantic Stimuli on the Consumption of Sweets", Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (6):1213*1229. Link to Paper
  • Wang, Z., Mao, H., Li, Y. J., & Liu, F. (2017) "Smile Big or Not? Effects of Smile Intensity on Perceptions of Warmth and Competence", Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (5):787-805. Link to Paper
  • Yang, X., Mao, H., & Peracchio, L. A. (2012) "It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How You Play the Game? The Role of Process and Outcome in Experience Consumption", Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (6):954-966. Link to Paper
  • Yang, X., Ringberg, T., Mao, H., & Peracchio, L. A. (2011) "The Construal (In)compatibility Effect: The Moderating Role of a Creative Mindset", Journal of Consumer Research, 38:279-292. Link to Paper
  • Joshi, A., & Mao, H. (2012) "Adapting to Succeed? Leveraging the Brand Equity of Best Sellers to Succeed at the Box Office", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (4):558-571. Link to Paper
  • Mao, H., Luo, X., & Jain, S. P. (2009) "Consumer Responses to Brand Elimination: An Attributional Perspective", Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 (3):280-289. Link to Paper
  • Jain, S. P., Desai, K. K., & Mao, H. (2007) "The Influence of Chronic and Situational Self-Construal on Categorization", Journal of Consumer Research, 34 (1):66-76. Link to Paper
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