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Hua Sun

Title: Associate Professor of Finance
Department: Finance

Office: 3282 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-7514

Academic History

  • PhD, Real Estate Finance, University of British Columbia, 2009
  • M.Sc, Real Estate Management, National University of Singapore, 2003
  • B.Sc, Economics, Nankai University, 1999


  • Real Estate Finance and Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Housing Market

Selected Publications

  • Kimberly Luchtenberg, Michael Seiler and Hua Sun "Listing Agent Signals: Does a Picture Paint a Thousand Words?", accepted by the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics,
  • Hua Sun and Lei Gao (2019) "Lending practices to same-sex borrowers", the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, (PNAS), Previously circulated and accepted under the title"The Rainbow of Credit: Homosexuality Inference, Lending Practices and Two-sided Spillover Effect, 116 (19):9293-9302. Link to Paper
  • Julia Freybote, Hua Sun and Xi Yang (2015) "The Impact of LEED Neighborhood Certification on Condo Prices", Real Estate Economics, 43 (3):586-608.
  • Hua Sun and Seow Eng Ong (2014) "Bidding Heterogeneity, Signaling Effect and Its Implications on House Sellers Pricing Strategy", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 49 (4):568-597.
  • Hua Sun and Michael Seiler (2013) "Hyperbolic Discounting, Reference Dependence and its Implications for the Housing Market", Journal of Real Estate Research, 35 (1):1-24.
  • Hua Sun (2010) "A Theory on REITs Advisor Choice and the Optimal Compensation Mechanism", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 40 (4):387-411.
  • Yong Tu, Hua Sun and Shiming Yu (2007) "Spatial Autocorrelations and Urban Housing Market Segmentation", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 34 (3):385-406.
  • Qiang Li, Hua Sun and Seow Eng Ong (2006) "REIT Splits and Dividend Changes: Tests of Signaling and Information Substitutability", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 33 (2):127-150.
  • Hua Sun, Yong Tu and Shiming Yu (2005) "A Spatio-temporal Autoregressive Model for Multi-unit Residential Market Analysis", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 31 (2):155-187.
  • Yong Tu, Shiming Yu and Hua Sun (2004) "Transaction Based Office Price Indices: A Spatio-temporal Modeling Approach", Real Estate Economics, 32 (2):291-328.

Work in process

  • Yuheng Hu, Zhengrui Jiang, Arun Rai, Hua Sun "Does Online Real Estate Information Affect Property Price? Evidence from Zillow, -reject&resubmit, Presented (or scheduled) at 2017 INFORMS",
  • Zhaohui Li, Michael Seiler, Hua Sun "Prospect Theory, Reverse Disposition Effect and the Housing Market, -Presented (or scheduled) at 2017 AREUEA National, AsRES-GCREC, 2018 AREUEA-ASSA",
  • Qiang Li, Zhaohui Li, Hua Sun, Li Sun ""Diffused Effort and Real Estate Brokerage, revise&resubmit at Real Estate Economics",
  • Xiangou Deng, Michael Seiler, Hua Sun "Brokerage Choice, Dual Agency and Housing Market Strength, Presented (or scheduled) at 2018 ARES 2018 ReCapNet, 2019 ASSA-AREUEA ",
  • Xiaoying Deng, Paul Anglin, Yanmin Gao, Hua Sun "How Do the Political Leanings of a CEO Affect a REIT's Operational Decisions? under review, -Presented (or scheduled) at 2017 ARES, AsRES, 2018 AREUEA-ASSA",
  • Qiang Li, Hua Sun "Informed Speculation about Trading Flows: Price Variability and Trading Volume, -Presented at 2014 CICF",
  • Lei Gao, Hua Sun, Hengguang Wu, Wei Zhu "The Real Effects of CEO Narcissism and Top Management Personality Heterogeneity: the International Evidence",
  • Qiang Li, Hua Sun "Stock Split, Ex-post Conditioning and a Separating Equilibrium Puzzle",
  • Zhaohui Li, Hua Sun "Multi-task Agency with Common Effort: A Case in Real Estate Brokerage",