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Haozhe Chen

Title: Walker Professor in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Interim Chair, Department of Supply Chain Management / Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management / Administration
Office: 2341 Gerdin

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Academic History

  • Ph.D., Supply Chain Management, The University of Oklahoma, 2007
  • MBA, Operations Management, The University of Alabama, 2003
  • B.A., Anhui University, China, 1993


  • Supply chain integration
  • Supply chain relationships
  • International logistics
  • Reverse logistics

Selected Publications

  • Rogers, Z. S., Rogers, D. S., & Chen, H. (2022) "The Importance of Secondary Markets in the Changing Retail Landscape: A Longitudinal Study in the United States and China", Transportation Journal, 61 (1):18–59. Link to Paper
  • Agnihotri, R., Kalra, A., Chen, H., & Daugherty, P. (2022) "Utilizing Social Media in a Supply chain B2B Setting: A Knowledge Perspective", Journal of Business Logistics, 43 (2):189-208. Link to Paper
  • Gupta, S., Chen, H., Hazen, B. T., Kaur, S., & Gonzalez, E. D. S. (2019) "Circular Economy and Big Data Analytics: A Stakeholder Perspective", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 144:466-474. Link to Paper
  • Chen, H., Genchev, S. E., Willis, G., & Griffis, B. (2019) "Returns Management Employee Development: Antecedents and Outcomes", International Journal of Logistics Management, 30 (4):1016-1038. Link to Paper
  • Min, H., Min, S., & Chen, H. (2018) "Inter-organizational Learning in the Context of Third Party Logistics Services", International Journal of Services and Operations Management, 30 (3):267-285. Link to Paper
  • Wang, S., Liu, F., Lian, L., Hong, Y., & Chen, H. (2018) "Integrated post-disaster medical assistance team scheduling and relief supply distribution", International Journal of Logistics Management, 29 (4):1279-1305. Link to Paper