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Ilker Karaca

Title: Assistant Professor of Practice
Department: Finance

Office: 3118 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-2499

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Chartered Financial Analyst

Selected Publications

  • Ilker Karaca, Douglas D Gransberg, H David Jeong (2020-01-01) "Improving the accuracy of early cost estimates on transportation infrastructure projects", Journal of Management in Engineering - ASCE, 36 (5):11. Link to Paper
  • Ilker Karaca (2018-01-01) "Modeling Airport Business Risks, Enplanement Volatility, and Valuation of Flexibility Options in Airport Expansion Projects", Transportation Research Record, 2672 (29):69–81. Link to Paper
  • Hitesh Chawla, Ilker Karaca, Peter T Savolainen (2019-01-01) "Contrasting crash-and non-crash-involved riders: analysis of data from the Motorcycle Crash Causation Study", Transportation Research Record, 2673 (7):122–131. Link to Paper