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Joey F George

Title: ISU Distinguished Professor in Business / John D. DeVries Endowed Chair in Business / Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics

Office: 3436 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-7162


  • Computer-mediated deceptive communication
  • Collaborative computing
  • Computer-based monitoring
  • Systems analysis & design

Selected Publications

  • George, J.F., Gupta, M., Giordano, G., Mills, A., Tennant, V. & Lewis, C. (2018-01-01) "The Effects of Communication Mode and Culture on Deception Detection Accuracy", MIS Quarterly, 42 (2):551-575. Link to Paper
  • McHaney, R., George, J.F., Gupta, M. (2015-01-01) "An Exploration of Digital Deception Detection: Are Groups More Effective than Individuals?", Communication Research, Link to Paper
  • George, J.F., Carlson, J.R. & Valacich, J.S. (2013-01-01) "“Media Selection as a Strategic Component of Communication”", MIS Quarterly, 37 (4):1233 1251. Link to Paper
  • George, J.F., Marett, K. and Giordano, G (2008-01-01) "Deception: Towards an Individualistic View of Group Support Systems.", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 9 (10):653-676. Link to Paper
  • Ahuja, M., Chudoba, K.M., Kacmar, C., McKnight, D.H., and George, J.F. (2007-01-01) "IT Road Warriors: Balancing Work-Family Conflict, Job Autonomy, and Work Overload to Mitigate Turnover Intention.", MIS Quarterly, 31 (1):1-17. Link to Paper
  • Biros, D., George, J F., and Zmud, R.W. (2002-01-01) "Inducing Sensitivity to Deception in Order to Improve Decision Making Performance: A Field Study.", MIS Quarterly, 26 (2):119-144. Link to Paper