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Jonathan Phares

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management

Office: 3218 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-9692


Jonathan Phares, PhD (University of Arkansas, 2021) is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Iowa State University's Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business. His research focuses on the impacts of policy and markets on transportation and healthcare operations. Jonathan has published in the Journal of Business Logistics and Business Horizons, and is a fellow in the University of Arkansas Supply Chain Policy Initiative. Prior to joining academia, he spent over a decade in operational and strategic supply chain management leadership roles for a large retailer.

Selected Publications

  • Jonathan Phares, Andrew Balthrop (2022-01-01) "Investigating the role of competing wage opportunities in truck driver occupational choice", Journal of Business Logistics, 43 (2):265-289. Link to Paper
  • Jonathan Phares, David D Dobrzykowski, Jodi Prohofsky (2021-01-01) "How policy is shaping the macro healthcare delivery supply chain: The emergence of a new tier of retail medical clinics", Business Horizons, 64 (3):333-345. Link to Paper
  • Jonathan Phares, Robert Glenn Richey Jr (2021-01-01) "Planned disruption and unintended consequences: Postponement by strategy vs. intervention in the US beer supply chain", Business Horizons, 64 (3):369-377. Link to Paper