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James K Summers

Title: Max S. Wortman, Jr. Professor / Associate Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship

Office: 3121 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-4790

Selected Publications

  • Summers, J. K., Munyon, T. P., Brouer, R., Pahng, P., & Ferris, G. R. (2020-01-01) "The role of political skill in the stressor strain relationship: Meta-analytic development and competitive model testing. ", Journal of Vocational Behavior, 118Link to Paper
  • Manhart, P., Summers, J. K., & Blackhurst, J. (2020-01-01) "A meta-analytic review of supply chain risk management: Assessing buffering and bridging strategies and firm performance.", Journal of Supply Chain Management, Link to Paper
  • Summers, J. K., Howe, M. A, McElroy, J. C., Buckley, M. R., Pahng, P., & Cortes-Mejia, S. "Review and typology of stigma within organizations: Access and treatment effects.", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39:853-868. Link to Paper
  • Munyon, T. P., Summers, J. K., Thompson, K. A., & Ferris, G. R. (First two authors contributed equally, authorship is alphabetical) (2015-01-01) "Political skill and work outcomes: A theoretical extension, meta-analytic investigation, and agenda for future research.", Personnel Psychology, 68:143-184. Link to Paper