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Kaushik Gala

Title: PhD Candidate
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3219 Gerdin

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Kaushik Gala is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University. His research interests are star entrepreneurs, distributions of entrepreneurial performance, digital entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial cognition. He has 20+ years of experience as a B2B business development and technology venturing professional, including stints in the United States & India at tech startups, multi-national companies, boutique consulting firms, and incubator-accelerators. He maintains a site dedicated to entrepreneurship research at https://kaushikgala.com.


  • Star entrepreneurs
  • Distributions of entrepreneurial performance
  • Digital entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial cognition
  • Unconventional datasets and research methods

Selected Publications

  • Gala, K. & Mueller, B. (forthcoming) "Religion and Entrepreneurial Exits: Divine Attributions and Eternal Time-frames", Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, Link to Paper
  • Gala, K., Valladares, C., and Mueller, B. (2023) "Students’ assumptions of entrepreneurs’ performance: The paradox of excess entry and missed opportunity", Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 20Link to Paper
  • Gala, K., Schwab, A., & Mueller, B. (2024) "Star entrepreneurs on digital platforms: Heavy-tailed performance distributions and their generative mechanisms", Journal of Business Venturing, 39 (1):106347. Link to Paper
  • Gala, K. (2024) "Digital Davids, Global Goliaths, and the Web3 sling", Business Horizons, 67 (1):5-17. Link to Paper
  • Gala, K., & Mueller, B. A. (forthcoming) "Acquihires by SMEs as a Strategic Response to Industry Digitalization", Journal of Small Business Management, :1-39. Link to Paper