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Kristie Moergen

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3341 Gerdin

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Before joining Iowa State University in 2023, Kristie earned her Ph.D. in Management from the University of Arkansas as the Frank & Donna Oldham Graduate Fellow. At a broad level, her research examines how organizations can be more equitable and asks questions related to diversity, with a focus on social class at work. Specifically, Kristie investigates the mechanisms in and around organizations that maintain or disrupt social class hierarchies. She has a related research stream centered on behavioral ethics and teaches Ethical and Responsible Management (MGMT 372). Kristie’s work is rooted in the principle that scholarship should be theoretically and practically meaningful to best serve employees, organizations, and society. 

Selected Publications

  • Kolomeitsev, S., Moergen, K., Ridge, J., Worrell, D., & Kuban, S. (forthcoming) "Peer Response to Regulatory Enforcement: Lobbying by Non-Sanctioned Firms", Journal of Management,
  • Bradley, C., Moergen, K., Simon, L., & Roumpi, D. (forthcoming) "Don't just tell me, show me: Impacting perceptions of organizational attraction and fit using activating LGBT diversity signals", Personnel Psychology, Link to Paper
  • Moergen, K. J. N., & Kish-Gephart, J. J. (2023) "Bringing "class" into the classroom: Addressing social class privilege through management education", Journal of Management Education, 47 (1):11 - 39. Link to Paper
  • Kish-Gephart, J. J., Moergen, K. J. N., Tilton, J. D., & Gray, B. (2023) "Social class and work: A review and organizing framework", Journal of Management, 49 (1):509 - 565. Link to Paper
  • Blake, A., Luu, V., M., Petrenko, O., Gardner, W., Moergen, K., & Ezerins, M. E. (2022) "Let’s agree about nice leaders: A literature review and meta-analysis of agreeableness and its relationship with leadership outcomes", Leadership Quarterly, 33 (1)Link to Paper