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Lingyao (Ivy) Yuan

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics

Office: 3348 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515)294-7228


  • Augmented Intelligence, Aritificial Intelligence, and Digital Human
  • Non-rational Decision Making
  • Electronic Commerce
  • NeuroIS

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Graduate Certificate in Information Security and Assurance
Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems

Selected Publications

  • Yuan, Lingyao, and Dennis, Alan R. (2019-01-01) "Acting Like Humans? Anthropomorphism and Consumer’s Willingness to Pay in Electronic Commerce.", Journal of Management Information Systems, 36 (2):450-477. Link to Paper
  • Sul, Hong Kee, Alan R. Dennis, and Lingyao Ivy Yuan (2016-01-01) "Trading on Twitter: Using Social Media Sentiment to Predict Stock Returns", Decision Sciences, 48 (3):454-488. Link to Paper
  • Yuan, Lingyao and Dennis, Alan (2016-01-01) "The Happiness Premium: The Impact of Emotion on Individuals' Willingness to Pay in Online Auctions ", AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, (3):74-87. Link to Paper
  • V.L. Bartelt, A.R. Dennis, L. Yuan, and J. B. Barlow (2013-01-01) "Individual Priming in Virtual Team Decision-Making", Group Decision and Negotiation, 22 (5):873-896. Link to Paper
  • Seymour, M., Yuan, L. I., Dennis, A., & Riemer, K. (2021-01-01) "Have We Crossed the Uncanny Valley? Understanding Affinity, Trustworthiness, and Preference for Realistic Digital Humans in Immersive Environments.", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 22 (3)