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Mike Howard

Title: Hilsinger-Janson Professor / Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3416 Gerdin

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Michael Howard is the Hilsinger-Janson Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship. He received his Ph.D. in Technology Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. He completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. He previously served as the Academic Director of the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M. In that role, he worked to advance innovation and entrepreneurship education as well as promoting cross-disciplinary research into entrepreneurial networks. His prior industry experience includes eight years in corporate finance with Intel, during which he worked as a senior finance manager in the Desktop Products Group, supporting product development and financial strategy for Intel’s long-term microprocessor product roadmap. His research interests include entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management, and social network analysis. His work has been recognized through several awards, including the Karl Schlecht Foundation Best Entrepreneurship Research Award, the Schulze Publication Award from the Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange, and the FGF Norbert Szyperski Technology and Innovation Management Award. Among other outlets, his work has been accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Business Venturing and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.


  • Social Network Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation

Selected Publications

  • Howard, M. D., Lyles, M., & Yoon, H. (forthcoming) "Right Dance Wrong Partner: CEO Overconfidence and Organizational Knowledge Characteristics in Alliance Partner Selection", Journal of Management, Link to Paper
  • Josefy, M. A., Harrison, J. S., & Howard, M. D. (2023) "Elite Pipelines: How Elite School Ties Are Reflected in Interfirm Employee Migration", Journal of Management, 49 (5):1570-1600. Link to Paper
  • Howard, M. D., Kolb, J., & Sy, V. A. (2021) "Entrepreneurial identity and strategic disclosure: Founder CEOs and new venture media strategy", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 15 (1):3-27. Link to Paper
  • Boeker, W., Howard, M. D., Basu, S., & Sahaym, A. (2021) "Interpersonal relationships, digital technologies, and innovation in entrepreneurial ventures", Journal of Business Research, 125:495-507. Link to Paper
  • Howard, M. D., Boeker, W., & Andrus, J. L. (2019) "The Spawning of Ecosystems: How Cohort Effects Benefit New Ventures", Academy of Management Journal, 62 (4):1163-1193. Link to Paper
  • Lahiri, A., Pahnke, E. C., Howard, M. D., & Boeker, W. (2019) "Collaboration and informal hierarchy in innovation teams: Product introductions in entrepreneurial ventures", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 13 (3):326-353. Link to Paper
  • Withers, M. C., Howard, M. D., & Tihanyi, L. (2020) "You’ve Got a Friend: Examining Board Interlock Formation After Financial Restatements", Organization Science, 31 (3):535-795. Link to Paper
  • Withers, M., Kim, J. Y. R., & Howard, M. (2018) "The evolution of the board interlock network following Sarbanes-Oxley", Social Networks, 52:56-67. Link to Paper
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