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Marc H. Anderson

Title: Dean's Fellow in Management / Associate Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3113 Gerdin

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Academic History

  • Ph.D., Strategic Management and Organization: Concentrations in Social Psychology and Research Methods, University of Minnesota, 2002
  • MBA, Emphasis in Organizational Behavior , University of Michigan, 1993
  • BS, Economics and Industrial Management, Carnegie Mellon, 1991


  • Leadership
  • Personality
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Time and Timing
  • Theory Development
  • Social Networks

Selected Publications

  • Sun, P. Y. T., Anderson, M. H., & Gang, H. (forthcoming) "Determining the Hierarchical Structure and Nature of Servant Leadership.", Journal of Business and Psychology, Link to Paper
  • Anderson, M., & Sun, P. (2024) "Re-envisioning a Hierarchy of Leadership Behaviours Using Insights from the Psychological Literature on Personality Traits", Journal of Management Studies, 61 (4):1165-1191. Link to Paper
  • Telkamp, J., & Anderson, M. H. (2022) "The implications of diverse human moral foundations for the ethicality of artificial intelligence", Journal of Business Ethics, 178:961–976. Link to Paper
  • Lemken, R., & Anderson, M. H. (2022) " Tracing the influence of James March’s most cited works: an empirical approach using historical analysis of co-citation contexts", Journal of Management History, 28 (1):107-133. Link to Paper
  • Anderson, M. H., & Lemken, R. (2023) "Citation Context Analysis as a Method for Conducting Rigorous and Impactful Literature Reviews", Organizational Research Methods, 26 (1):77-106. Link to Paper
  • Anderson, M. H., & Lemken, R. K. (2019) "An empirical assessment of the influence of March and Simon’s Organizations: The realized contribution and unfulfilled promise of a masterpiece.", Journal of Management Studies, 56 (8):1537-1569. Link to Paper
  • Samimi, M., Cortes, A. F., Anderson, M. H., & Herrmann, P. (2020) "What is strategic leadership? Developing a framework for future research", Leadership Quarterly, Link to Paper
  • Fang, R., Landis, B., Zhang, Z., Anderson, M. H., Shaw, J. D., & Kilduff, M. (2015) "Integrating Personality and Social Networks: A Meta-Analysis of Personality, Network Position, and Work Outcomes in Organizations", Organization Science, 26 (4):1243-1260. Link to Paper
  • Anderson, M. H., & Sun, P. Y. (2015) "The downside of transformational leadership when encouraging followers to network", Leadership Quarterly, 26 (5):790-801. Link to Paper
  • Anderson, M. H., & Sun, P. Y. (2017) "Reviewing leadership styles: Overlaps and the need for a new 'full-range' theory", International Journal of Management Reviews, 19:76-96. Link to Paper
  • Sun, P. Y. T., & Anderson, M. H. (2012) "Civic capacity: Building on transformational leadership to explain successful integrative public leadership", Leadership Quarterly, 23 (3):309-323. Link to Paper
  • Albert, S., & Anderson, M. H. (2010) "Conceptual translation: A meta-theoretical program for the construction, critique, and integration of theory", Journal of Management Inquiry, 19 (1):34-46. Link to Paper
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  • Bono, J. E., & Anderson, M. H. (2005) "The advice and influence networks of transformational leaders", Journal of Applied Psychology, 90 (6):1306-1314. Link to Paper