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Frank Montabon

Title: Dean's Professor of Supply Chain Management / Espeland International Fellow
Department: Supply Chain Management

Office: 3347 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-1208


  • Supply Chains and Human Flourishing
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing (ERM)
  • Software Design, Selection and Development for the Supply Chain
  • Sustainability

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management
Certified in Integrated Resource Management
Certified Professional in Supply Management
Certified Supply Chain Professional

Selected Publications

  • Sadiq Jajja, M. S., Asif, M., Montabon, F., Chatha, K. A. (2020-01-01) "The indirect effect of social responsibility standards on organizational performance in apparel supply chains: A developing country perspective", Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Link to Paper
  • Montabon, F., Daugherty, P., Chen, H. (2018-01-01) "Setting Standards for Single Respondent Survey Design", Journal of Supply Chain Management, 54 (1):35-41. Link to Paper
  • Dai, J., Cantor, D., Montabon, F. (2017-01-01) "Examining Corporate Environmental Proactivity and Operational Performance: A Strategy-Structure-Capabilities-Performance Perspective within a Green Context", International Journal of Production Economics, 193:272-280. Link to Paper
  • Montabon, F., Pagell, M., Wu, Z. (2016-01-01) "Making Sustainability Sustainable", Journal of Supply Chain Management, 52 (2):11-27. Link to Paper
  • Montabon, F., Morrow, P., and Cantor, D. (2016-01-01) "Promoting Environmental Citizenship Behavior", International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, 10 (1):63-88. Link to Paper
  • Dai, J., Cantor, D., and Montabon, F. (2015-01-01) "How Environmental Management Competitive Pressure Affects a Focal Firm’s Environmental Innovation Activities: A Green Supply Chain Perspective", Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (3):242 - 259. Link to Paper
  • Suzuki, Y., Montabon, F., and Lu, S. (2014-01-01) "DSS of vehicle refueling: A new enhanced approach with fuel weight considerations", Decision Support Systems, 68:15-25. Link to Paper
  • Watson, K., and Montabon, F. (2014-01-01) "A ranking of supply chain management journals based on departmental lists", International Journal of Production Research, 52 (14):4364-4377. Link to Paper