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Brandon Mueller

Title: Associate Professor / Director of Graduate Education for Entrepreneurship
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3335 Gerdin


  • Entrepreneurial passion
  • Intersection of self-regulation and entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity recognition

Selected Publications

  • Gala, K. & Mueller, B. (forthcoming) "Religion and Entrepreneurial Exits: Divine Attributions and Eternal Time-frames", Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, Link to Paper
  • Gala, K., Valladares, C., and Mueller, B. (2023) "Students’ assumptions of entrepreneurs’ performance: The paradox of excess entry and missed opportunity", Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 20Link to Paper
  • Gala, K., Schwab, A., & Mueller, B. (2024) "Star entrepreneurs on digital platforms: Heavy-tailed performance distributions and their generative mechanisms", Journal of Business Venturing, 39 (1):106347. Link to Paper
  • Nikolaev, B. N., Lerman, M. P., Boudreaux, C. J., & Mueller, B. A. (2023) "Self-Employment and Eudaimonic Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Problem- and Emotion-Focused Coping", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 47 (6):2127-2154. Link to Paper
  • Mueller, Brandon A., Wolfe, Marcus T., and Syed, Imran. (2017) "Passion and grit: An exploration of the pathways leading to venture success.", Journal of Business Venturing, 32 (3):260-279. Link to Paper
  • Baron, Robert A., Mueller, Brandon A., and Wolfe, Marcus T. (2016) "Self-efficacy and entrepreneurs' adoption of unattainable goals: The restraining effects of self-control.", Journal of Business Venturing, 31 (1):55-71. Link to Paper
  • Mueller, Brandon A., and Shepherd, Dean A. (2016) "Making the most of failure experiences: Exploring the relationship between business failure and the identification of business opportunities.", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 40 (3):457-487. Link to Paper
  • Mueller, Brandon A., Titus, Varkey K., and Covin, Jeffrey G. (2012) "Pioneering orientation and firm growth: Knowing when and to what degree pioneering makes sense.", Journal of Management, 38 (5):1517-1549. Link to Paper