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Sree Nilakanta

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics
Office: 3418 Gerdin

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Sree Nilakanta is the Kingland Systems Graduate Director of Business Analytics and an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at Iowa State University. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University and an MBA and Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Houston. Dr. Nilakanta’s research straddles behavioral and technical domains of information systems. His current research focuses on applying “big data” analytics to a variety of domains, including equipment maintenance, transportation, business processes, agriculture, and chronic diseases of body and brain (diabetes, Parkinson, Alzheimer). His research contributions have appeared in Management Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Omega, Decision SciencesInformation & Management, Journal Software and Information Technology, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and others. He has been with Iowa State University since 1986 and has led the creation of the MIS major, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the Business Analytics programs. Dr. Nilakanta was the Chair of the Supply Chain and Information Systems Department.


  • Data Warehousing and Data Integration
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management and Process Integration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Memory
  • Analytics

Selected Publications

  • Jayashankar, Priyanka, S. Nilakanta, J. Wesley, P. Gill, and R. Burres (2019) "Co-creation of value-in-use through big data technology – a B2B agricultural perspective", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Link to Paper
  • Scheibe, Kevin P., S. Nilakanta, B. Younie, C.T. Ragsdale (2019) "A Decision Support System for Equipment Replacement Optimization: A Data-Driven Simulation Approach", Journal of Business Analytics, 1 (1):47-62. Link to Paper
  • Jayashankar, Priyanka, S. Nilakanta, J. Wesley, P. Gill, and R. Burres (2018) "IoT adoption in agriculture: the role of trust, perceived value and risk", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 33 (6):804-821. Link to Paper
  • Jiang, Z., K. P. Scheibe, S. Nilakanta, X. Qu (2017) "The Economics of Public Beta Testing", Decision Sciences, 48 (1):150-175. Link to Paper