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Peter Ralston

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management

Office: 3333 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-2487

Academic History

  • Ph.D., Supply Chain Management, Iowa State University, 2014
  • MBA, Supply Chain and Operations Management, University of Alabama, 2007
  • B.S., Marketing, Clemson University, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Ralston, P.M. Keller, S.B., Grawe, S.J. "Collaborative Process Competence as an Enabler of Supply Chain Collaboration in Competitive Environments and the Impact on Customer Account Management", International Journal of Logistics Management,
  • Ralston, P.M. and J. Blackhurst (2020) "Industry 4.0 and Resilience in the Supply Chain: A Driver of Capability Enhancement or Capability Loss?", International Journal of Production Research, 58 (16):5006-5019. Link to Paper
  • Rose, W.J., Ralston, P.M.. and C.W. Autry (2020) "Urbanness and its Implications for Logistics Strategy: A Revised Perspective", Transportation Journal, 59 (2):165-199. Link to Paper
  • Grawe, S.J. and P.M. Ralston (2019) "Intra-organizational communication, understanding, and process diffusion", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 49 (6):662-678. Link to Paper
  • Opengart, R., Ralston, P.M., and LeMay, S. (2018) "Labor markets: Preventing rivalry and myopia through HRM. ", Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 5 (4):346-360. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., LeMay, S., and Opengart, R. (2017) "Factor market myopia: A driver of factor market rivalry", Transportation Journal, 56 (2):167-183. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., Richey, R.G., and Grawe, S.J. (2017) "The past and future of supply chain collaboration: A literature synthesis and call for research", International Journal of Logistics Management, 28 (2):508-530. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., Blackhurst, J., Cantor, D.E., and Crum, M.R. (2015) "A structure–conduct–performance perspective of how strategic supply chain integration affects firm performance", Journal of Supply Chain Management, 51 (2):47-64. Link to Paper
  • Grawe, S.J., Daugherty, P.J., and Ralston, P.M. (2015) "Enhancing dyadic performance through boundary spanners and innovation: An assessment of service provider–customer relationships", Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (1):88-101. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., Grawe, S.J., and Daugherty, P.J. (2013) "Logistics salience impact on logistics capabilities and performance", International Journal of Logistics Management, 24 (2):136-152. Link to Paper