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Peter Ralston

Title: Director of Supply Chain Forum / Associate Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management
Office: 3333 Gerdin

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Peter Ralston (Ph.D. Iowa State University, 2014) is the Director of the Ivy Supply Chain Forum and an Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He has been a faculty member within the Department of Supply Chain Management since 2018. Peter's research interests predominantly lie across two separate areas, namely all aspects of inter-organizational relationships and factor-market rivalry. Factor-market rivalry deals with the intense competitive battles for supply-side resources such as raw materials, input parts, human resources, and financial capital. He is interested in inter-organizational relationships from the perspective of why a firm would or would not like to be in specific supply chain partnerships. Peter's research has appeared in outlets such as the International Journal of Logistics Management, Journal of Business Logistics, and Journal of Supply Chain Management in addition to other academic publications. 


  • Factor-market rivalry
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • A firm's strategic decision to be a part of a supply chain

Selected Publications

  • Ambulkar, S., Ralston, P., Polyviou, M., & Sanders, N. (2023) "Frequent Supply Chain Disruptions and Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Exploitation, Exploration, and Supply Chain Ambidexterity", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 53 (10)Link to Paper
  • Schumm, J., Ralston, P., and Schwieterman, M. (forthcoming) "The Challenges of Supply-Side Obsolescence: Obsolescence Procurement’s Past, Present, and Future", Transportation Journal,
  • Ralston, P. M., Schwieterman, M., Bell, J. E., & Ellram, L. M. (2023) "The Building Blocks of a Supply Chain Management Theory: Using Factor Market Rivalry for Supply Chain Theorizing", Journal of Business Logistics, 44 (1):141-159. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M. and J. Blackhurst (2020) "Industry 4.0 and Resilience in the Supply Chain: A Driver of Capability Enhancement or Capability Loss?", International Journal of Production Research, 58 (16):5006-5019. Link to Paper
  • Keller, S.B., Ralston, P.M., and S.A. LeMay (2020) "Quality Output, Workplace Environment, and Employee Retention: The Positive Influence of Emotionally Intelligent Supply Chain Managers", Journal of Business Logistics, 41 (4):337-355. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M. Keller, S.B., Grawe, S.J. (2020) "Collaborative Process Competence as an Enabler of Supply Chain Collaboration in Competitive Environments and the Impact on Customer Account Management", International Journal of Logistics Management, 31 (4):905-929. Link to Paper
  • Grawe, S.J. and P.M. Ralston (2019) "Intra-organizational communication, understanding, and process diffusion", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 49 (6):662-678. Link to Paper
  • Rose, W.J., Ralston, P.M.. and C.W. Autry (2020) "Urbanness and its Implications for Logistics Strategy: A Revised Perspective", Transportation Journal, 59 (2):165-199. Link to Paper
  • Opengart, R., Ralston, P.M., and LeMay, S. (2018) "Labor markets: Preventing rivalry and myopia through HRM.", Journal of Organizational Effectiveness, 5 (4):346-360. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., LeMay, S., and Opengart, R. (2017) "Factor market myopia: A driver of factor market rivalry", Transportation Journal, 56 (2):167-183. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., Richey, R.G., and Grawe, S.J. (2017) "The past and future of supply chain collaboration: A literature synthesis and call for research", International Journal of Logistics Management, 28 (2):508-530. Link to Paper
  • Grawe, S.J., Daugherty, P.J., and Ralston, P.M. (2015) "Enhancing dyadic performance through boundary spanners and innovation: An assessment of service provider–customer relationships", Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (1):88-101. Link to Paper
  • Ralston, P.M., Grawe, S.J., and Daugherty, P.J. (2013) "Logistics salience impact on logistics capabilities and performance", International Journal of Logistics Management, 24 (2):136-152. Link to Paper