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Priyanka Jayashankar

Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department: Marketing
Office: 2350 Gerdin

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  • Subsistence markets
  • Exchange systems
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability

Selected Publications

  • Jayashankar, P., & Cross, S. (2019) "Expanding exchange: How institutional actors shape food-sharing exchange systems", Academy of Marketing Science Review, Link to Paper
  • Jayashankar, P., Johnston, W. J., Nilakanta, S., & Burres, R (2019) "Co-creation of value-in-use through big data technology-a B2B agricultural perspective", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Link to Paper
  • Priyanka Jayashankar & Sekar Raju (equal authorship) (2020) "The effect of social cohesion and social networks on perceptions of food availability among low-income consumers", Journal of Business Research, 108:316-323. Link to Paper ,
  • Priyanka Jayashankar, Howard Van Auken, Arvind Ashta, (2018) "What motivates ecopreneurs in the US to create value?", Strategic Change, Link to Paper
  • Jayashankar, Priyanka, S. Nilakanta, J. Wesley, P. Gill, and R. Burres (2018) "IoT adoption in agriculture: the role of trust, perceived value and risk", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 33 (6):804-821. Link to Paper
  • Priyanka Jayashankar Arvind Ashta & Mark Rasmussen (2015) "Slow money in an era of fiduciary capitalism", Ecological Economics, 116 (1):322-329. Link to Paper