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Qian Wang

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Accounting

Office: 3468 Gerdin
Phone number: (515) 294-2746


  • Auditing
  • Financial Accounting

Selected Publications

  • Cowan, A. R., Jeffrey, C., & Wang, Q. (2023) "Does writing down goodwill imperil a CEO’s job?", Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 42 (1):107015. Link to Paper
  • Ettredge, M., Li, C., Wang, Q. and Xu, Y. (2021) "Executive Director Financial Expertise and IPO Performance", Accounting Horizons, 35 (1):47-64. Link to Paper
  • Cannon, J., Ling, Z., Wang, Q and Watanabe, O. (2020) "Does 10-K Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Signal an Increase in Consumer Preference of Company’s Products?", European Accounting Review, 29 (1):85-113. Link to Paper
  • Aghazadeh, Sanaz, Sun, Lili, Wang, Qian and Yang, Rong (2018) "Investors’ Perception of CEO Overconfidence: Evidence from the Cost of Equity Capital.", Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 51 (4):1129-1150. Link to Paper
  • Wang, Qian (2016) "Determinants of Segment Disclosure Deficiencies and the Effect of the SEC Comment Letter Process", Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 35 (2):109-133. Link to Paper
  • Wang, Qian and Mike Ettredge (2015) "Discretionary Allocation of Corporate Income to Segments.", Research in Accounting Regulation, 27 (1):1-13. Link to Paper
  • Jagan Krishnan, Chan Li and Qian Wang (2013) "Auditor Industry Expertise and Cost of Equity", Accounting Horizons, 27 (4):667-691. Link to Paper
  • Gopal Krishnan, Lili Sun, Qian Wang and Rong Yang (2013) "Client Risk Management: A Pecking Order Analysis of Audit Reponse to Earnings Management Risk", Auditing, 32 (2):147-169. Link to Paper
  • Wang, Q., Ettredge, M., Huang, Y., and Sun, L. (2011) "Strategic Revelation of Differences in Segment Earnings Growth", Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 30 (4):383-392. Link to Paper
  • Ettredge, M., Johnstone, K., Stone, M., and Wang, Q. (2011) "The Effects of Firm Size, Corporate Governance Quality, and Bad News on Disclosure Compliance", Review of Accounting Studies, 16 (4):866-889. Link to Paper
  • Li, C., Lim, J., and Wang, Q. (2007) "Internal and External Influences on IT Control Governance", International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 8 (4):225-239. Link to Paper