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Rahul A Parsa

Title: Teaching Professor
Department: Finance
Office: 3444 Gerdin

Academic History

  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Statistics, Texas A & M University, 1990
  • M.Sc., Applied Mathematics, Osmania University, 1981
  • B.Sc. (Honours), Mathematics, Osmania University, 1979


  • Statistics
  • Data Analytics
  • Copulas
  • Actuarial Science

Selected Publications

  • Raymond Hubbard, Brian Haig, and Rahul Parsa (2019) "The Limited Role of Statistical Inference in Scientific Inference", The American Statistician, 73 (Issue sup1: Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World ):91-98. Link to Paper
  • June F. Johnson, Rahul A. Parsa, Robert Bailey (2016) "Real world clinical outcomes and patient characteristics for canagliflozin treated patients in a specialty diabetes clinic, Current Medical Research and Opinion", Current Medical Research and Opinion, :1473. Link to Paper
  • Paul G. Ferrara, Rahul A. Parsa, and Bryce A. Weaver (2015) "A Linear Approximation to Copula Regression", 09 (02)
  • Dev, C.S., H.G. Parsa, R.A.Parsa, and M. Bujisic (2015) "Assessing Faculty Productivity by Research Impact: Introducing New Dp2 Index", Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism, Link to Paper
  • Hara Gopal Parsa J.P. Van Der Rest S. Smith Rahul A. Parsa M. Bujisic (2015) "Why Restaurants Fail? Part IV: Rate of Restaurant Failures and Demographic Factors, Results from a Secondary Data Analysis", Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56 (1):80-90. Link to Paper
  • Dutta, K Hara Gopal Parsa Rahul A. Parsa M. Bujisic (2014) "Consumer Behavior in Hospitality: Assessment of Restaurant Attributes and Consumer Patronage in India", Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism, 15 (2)
  • Rahul A. Parsa, Jay Kim, and M.R. Srinivasan (2014) "Characteristic Function for the Truncated Triangular Distribution", The Jounral of the Indian Academy of Mathematics, 36 (2):297-305.
  • Rahul A. Parsa Stuart A. Klugman (2011) "Copula Regression", Variance, 05 (01):32-35.