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Sue Ravenscroft

Title: Emeritus Professor
Department: Accounting
Office: 2330 Gerdin

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  • Incentives
  • Accounting Education
  • Managerial Accounting

Professional Licenses and Certifications

CPA state of Michigan, registered as inactive as of 2008.

Selected Publications

  • P. Williams, S. Ravenscroft (2013) "Reconsidering Decision Usefulness", Contemporary Accounting Research, Link to Paper
  • Ravenscroft, S. and P.F. Williams (2009) "Making Imaginary Worlds Real: The Case of Stock Option Expensing", Accounting, Organizations and Society, 34 (6-7):770-786. Link to Paper
  • Kaplan, S. E., McElroy, J. C., Ravenscroft, S. P. and Shrader, C. B. (2007) "Moral judgment and causal attributions: Consequences of engaging in earnings management", Journal of Business Ethics, 74:149-164. Link to Paper
  • West, T., S. Ravenscroft, C. Shrader (2004) "Cheating and Moral Judgment in the College Classroom: A Natural Experiment", Journal of Business Ethics, 54:173-183. Link to Paper
  • Drake, A., S. Haka, and S. Ravenscroft (1999) "Cost System and Incentive Structure Effects on Innovation, Efficiency and Profitability in Teams", Accounting Review, 74 (3):323-345. Link to Paper