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Suning Zhang

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Accounting

Office: 3346 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-2269

Selected Publications

  • Sanjeev Bhojraj, Partha Mohanram, Suning Zhang (2020-01-01) "ETFs and Information Transfer Across Firms", Journal of Accounting and Economics, Link to Paper
  • Copley P., E. Douthett and S. Zhang (2021-01-01) "Venture Capitalists and Assurance Services on Initial Public Offerings", Journal of Business Research , 131:278-286. Link to Paper
  • Sanjeev Bhojraj, Partha Sengupta, Suning Zhang (2017-01-01) "Takeover Defenses: Entrenchment and Efficiency", Journal of Accounting and Economics , 63 (1):142-160. Link to Paper
  • Sanjeev Bhojraj, Partha Sengupta, Suning Zhang (2017-01-01) "Restructuring Charges, FAS 146 and the Accrual Anomaly", Management Science, 63 (11):3654-3671. Link to Paper
  • Partha Sengupta, Suning Zhang (2015-01-01) "Equity-based Compensation of Outside Directors and Corporate Disclosure Quality", Contemporary Accounting Research , 32 (1):1073-1098. Link to Paper
  • Pervin Shroff, Ram Venkataraman, Suning Zhang (2013-01-01) "The Conservatism Principle and the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings: An Event Based Approach", Contemporary Accounting Research , 30 (1):215-241. Link to Paper
  • Deming Wu, Suning Zhang (2014-01-01) "Debt Market Liquidity and Corporate Default Prediction", Quarterly Journal of Finance , 4 (4):1-33. Link to Paper