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Tyler Jensen

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Finance
Office: 3230 Gerdin

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Selected Publications

  • Garcia-Feijoo, L., Jensen, T., & Koch, P., (forthcoming) "Operating Leverage and Stock Returns under Different Aggregate Funding Conditions", Accounting Review, Link to Paper
  • Jensen, T. K., & Turner, T. M. (2022) "Monetary Policy Shifts, Dividends and REIT Momentum", Journal of Real Estate Research, 44 (3):311-330. Link to Paper
  • Huang, Y. S., Jensen, T. K., Jorgensen, R. D., & Taylor, R. M. (2021) "Do Ethical Perceptions Help Explain Under-representation of Women in Investment Management? A Comparison of Students from the U.S. and China", Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 70 (101669)Link to Paper
  • Jensen, T. K. (2022) "Do funding conditions explain the relation between cash holdings and stock returns?", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, ForthcomingLink to Paper
  • David Becher, Tyler K. Jensen, and Tingting Liu (2020) "Acquisitions and funding conditions", Journal of Corporate Finance, 65 (101760)Link to Paper
  • Tyler K. Jensen, Marlene A. Plumlee (2020) "Measuring News in Management Range Forecasts", Contemporary Accounting Research, 37 (3):1687-1719. Link to Paper
  • Tyler K. Jensen, Robert R. Johnson, Michael J. McNamara (2019) "Funding Conditions and Insurance Stock Returns: Do Insurance Stocks Really Benefit from Rising Interest Rate Regimes?", 22 (4):367-391. Link to Paper
  • Luis Garcia-Feijoo, Gerald R. Jensen, Tyler K. Jensen (2018) "Momentum and Funding Conditions", Journal of Banking and Finance, 88:312-329. Link to Paper