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Travis Sapp

Title: Director, Master of Finance Program / Associate Professor of Finance
Department: Finance

Office: 3362 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-2717


  • Asset Pricing
  • Mutual Funds
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Equity
  • Reverse Mergers
  • Seasoned Equity Offerings
  • Risk Management

Selected Publications

  • Zhaoxin Lin, Travis Sapp, Rahul Parsa, Jackie Rees Ulmer, and Chengxin Cao (2022-01-01) "Pricing Cyber Security Insurance", Journal of Mathematical Finance, 12 (1):46-70. Link to Paper
  • Zhaoxin Lin, Travis Sapp, Jackie Rees Ulmer, and Rahul Parsa "Insider Trading Ahead of Cyber Breach Announcements", Journal of Financial Markets, Forthcoming.Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp (2016-01-01) "Efficient Estimation of Distributional Tail Shape and the Extremal Index with Applications to Risk Management ", Journal of Mathematical Finance, 6 (4):626-659. Link to Paper
  • Yianni Floros and Travis Sapp (2012-01-01) "Why Do Firms Issue Private Equity Repeatedly? On the Motives and Information Content of Multiple PIPE Offerings", Journal of Banking and Finance, 36:3469-3481. Link to Paper
  • Yianni Floros and Travis Sapp (2011-01-01) "Shell Games: On the Value of Shell Companies", Journal of Corporate Finance, 17:850-867. Link to Paper
  • Rick Carter, Rick Dark, Yianni Floros, and Travis Sapp (2011-01-01) "Characterizing the Risk of IPO Long-Run Returns: The Impact of Momentum, Liquidity, Skewness, and Investment", Financial Management, 40:1067-1086. Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp (2011-01-01) "The 52-Week High, Momentum, and Predicting Mutual Fund Returns.", Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 37:149-179. Link to Paper
  • Rick Carter, Rick Dark, and Travis Sapp (2010-01-01) "Underwriter Reputation and IPO Issuer Alignment 1981-2005", Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance , 50:443-455. Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp (2009-01-01) "Estimating Continuous-Time Stochastic Volatility Models of the Short-Term Interest Rate: A Comparison of the Generalized Method of Moments and the Kalman Filter", Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting , 33:303-326. Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp and Sterling Yan (2008-01-01) "Security Concentration and Active Fund Management: Do Focused Funds Offer Superior Performance?", Financial Review, 43:27-49. Link to Paper
  • Geoff Friesen and Travis Sapp (2007-01-01) "Mutual Fund Flows and Investor Returns: An Empirical Examination of Fund Investor Timing Ability", Journal of Banking and Finance , 31:2796-2816. Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp and Ashish Tiwari (2006-01-01) "Stock Return Momentum and Investor Fund Choice", Journal of Investment Management , 4 (3):73-85.
  • Gary Koppenhaver and Travis Sapp (2005-01-01) "Money Funds or Markets? Valuing Intermediary Services", Journal of Financial Services Research , 27:51-76. Link to Paper
  • Travis Sapp and Ashish Tiwari (2004-01-01) "Does Stock Return Momentum Explain the Smart Money Effect?", Journal of Finance , 59:2605-2622.
  • Sterling Yan and Travis Sapp (2003-01-01) "The Nasdaq-Amex Merger, Nasdaq Reforms, and the Liquidity of Small Firms", Journal of Financial Research, 26:225-242. Link to Paper