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Tracy M Turner

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Finance

Office: 3129 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-7196

Academic History

  • Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Davis, 2000


  • Real Estate
  • Taxation

Selected Publications

  • Tracy M. Turner and Youngme Seo "House prices, open space and household characteristics", forthcoming, Journal of Real Estate Research,
  • Leilei Sen and Tracy Turner (2018) "Are Rising College Premiums Capitalized into House Prices? Evidence from China", Real Estate Economics, 46 (2):449-486.
  • Tracy M. Turner and Brandon Blagg (2018) "The Short-Term Effects of the Kansas Income Tax Cuts on Employment Growth", Public Finance Review, 46 (6):1024-1043.
  • Andrew Nicholson, Tracy M. Turner and Eduardo Alvarado (2016) "Cigarette Taxes and Cross-Border Revenue Effects: an Analysis of Retail Data", Public Finance Review, 44 (3):311-343.
  • Christian Hilber and Tracy M. Turner (2014) "The Mortgage Interest Deduction and its Impact on Homeownership Decisions", Review of Economics and Statistics, 96 (4):618-637.
  • Boland, Michael, John M. Crespi and Tracy M. Turner (2014) "Measuring Sunk Costs in Agricultural and Food Industry Assets: Why Some Assets Sell Below Appraisal ", Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, 12 (1):53-63.
  • Tracy M. Turner and Marc T. Smith (2009) "Exits from Homeownership: The Effects of Race, Ethnicity and Income", Journal of Regional Science , 49 (1):1-32.
  • Tracy M. Turner and Heather M. Luea (2009) "Homeownership, Wealth Accumulation and Income Status", Journal of Housing Economics, 18:104-114.
  • Leah J. Tsoodle and Tracy M. Turner (2008) "Property Taxes and Residential Rents", Journal of Real Estate Economics, 36 (1):63-80.
  • Tracy M. Turner and Daigyo Seo (2007) "Investment Risk and the Transition into Homeownership", Journal of Regional Science, 47 (2):229-253.
  • Tracy M. Turner (2003) "Does Investment Risk Affect the Housing Decisions of Families", Economic Inquiry, 41 (4):675-691.
  • Steven M. Sheffrin and Tracy M. Turner (2001) "Taxation and House-Price Uncertainty: Some Empirical Estimates", Journal of International Tax and Public Finance, 8 (4):621-636.
  • Tracy M. Turner and Debbie Niemeier (1997) "Travel to Work and Household Responsibility: New Evidence", Transportation, 24:397-419.