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Valentina Salotti

Title: Iowa Bankers Association Fellow and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity / Associate Professor
Department: Administration / Finance
Office: 2200 Gerdin

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  • Banking Regulation
  • International Asset Sales
  • Relationship Banking
  • Statistical Methodology Issues in International Capital Markets
  • Charitable giving

Selected Publications

  • Cowan, A. R., & Salotti, V. (2020) "Anti-selective disclosure regulation and analyst forecast accuracy and usefulness", Journal of Corporate Finance, 64:101669. Link to Paper
  • Salotti, V., Schenck, N.A., Thornton J. (2016) "The impact of real estate lending on thrifts' franchise value during the 2007-2009 crisis: a comparison with commercial banks.", Journal of Financial Research, 39 (1):35-62. Link to Paper
  • Cowan, A. R., & Salotti, V. (2014) "The resolution of failed banks during the crisis: Acquirer performance and FDIC guarantees, 2008-2013", Journal of Banking and Finance, Link to Paper
  • Carow, K. A. and Salotti, V. (2014) "THE U.S. Treasury's capital purchase program: Treasury's selectivity and market returns across weak and healthy banks.", Journal of Financial Research, 37 (2):20011-241. Link to Paper
  • Cenni, S., Monferrà, S., Salotti, V., Sangiorgi, M., Torluccio, G. (2015) "Credit Rationing and Relationship Lending. Does firm size matter?", Journal of Banking and Finance, 53 (C):249-265. Link to Paper
  • Borisova, G., John, K., Salotti, V. (2013) "Cross-Border Asset Sales: Shareholder Returns and Liquidity", Journal of Corporate Finance, 22: 320-344. Link to Paper
  • Cowan, A.R., Campbell, C.J., Salotti, V., (2010) "Multi-country event study methods", Journal of Banking and Finance, 34 (12):3078-3090. Link to Paper