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Bill Rose

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management
Office: 3331 Gerdin

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  • Qualitative Methods
  • Urban Logistics
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Vehicle Routing

Selected Publications

  • Azad, M., Rose, W., MacArthur, J., & Cherry, C. R. (forthcoming) "E-trikes for urban delivery: An empirical mixed-fleet simulation approach to assess city logistics sustainability", Sustainable Cities and Society, 96Link to Paper
  • Rose, W. J., J. E. Bell, S. E. Griffis (2023) "Inductive Research in Last-Mile Delivery Routing: Introducing the Regifting Heuristic", Journal of Business Logistics, 44 (1):109-140. Link to Paper
  • Vitaly Brazhkin and William J. Rose (2023) "A Comparison of Three Popular Routing Policies for Lift-truck Order Picking ", Transportation Journal, 62 (1):79–99. Link to Paper
  • Rose, William J, Bell, John E, Autry, Chad W, Cherry, Christopher R (2017) "Urban Logistics: Establishing Key Concepts and Building a Conceptual Framework for Future research", Transportation Journal, 56 (4):357-394. Link to Paper
  • Castillo, Vincent E, Bell, John E, Rose, William J, Rodrigues, Alexandre M (2017) "Crowdsourcing Last Mile Delivery: Strategic Implications and Future Research Directions", Journal of Business Logistics, 39 (1):1-19. Link to Paper
  • Rose, William J, Mollenkopf, Diane A, Autry, Chad W, Bell, John E (2016) "Exploring urban institutional pressures on logistics service providers", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 46 (2):153-176. Link to Paper
  • Autry, Chad W, Rose, William J, Bell, John E (2014) "Reconsidering the Supply Chain Integration-Performance Relationship: In Search of Theoretical Consistency and Clarity", Journal of Business Logistics, 35 (3):275-276. Link to Paper