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Wei Zhang

Title: Kingland Systems Business Analytics Faculty Fellow / Associate Professor
Department: Marketing
Office: 3123 Gerdin

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Selected Publications

  • Kalra, A., Liu, X., & Zhang, W. (2020) "The Zero Bias in Target Retirement Fund Choice", Journal of Consumer Research, 47 (4):500-522. Link to Paper
  • Zhang, W., & Kalra, A. (2014) "A Joint Examination of Quality Choice and Satisfaction: The Impact of Circumstantial Variables", Journal of Marketing Research, 51 (4):448-462. Link to Paper
  • Kalra, A., Li, S., & Zhang, W. (2011) "Understanding Responses to Contradictory Information About Products", Marketing Science, 30 (6):1098-1114. Link to Paper
  • Boatwright, P., Kalra, A., & Zhang, W. (2008) "Should Consumers Use the Halo to Form Product Evaluations?", Management Science, 54 (1):217-223. Link to Paper