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Xiaolu Wang

Title: Associate Professor / Chartered Financial Analyst
Department: Finance
Office: 3334 Gerdin

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CFA Charterholder

Selected Publications

  • Kan, R., Lassance, N., & Wang, X. (forthcoming) "The Distribution of Sample Mean-Variance Portfolio Weights", Random Matrices: Theory and Applications, Link to Paper
  • Kan, R., & Wang, X. (forthcoming) "Optimal Portfolio Choice with Unknown Benchmark Efficiency", Management Science, Link to Paper
  • Kan, R., Wang, X., & Zhou, G. (2022) "Optimal Portfolio Choice with Estimation Risk: No Risk-free Asset Case", Management Science, 68 (3):2047-2068. Link to Paper
  • Huang, W., Lu, H., & Wang, X. (2020) "Option Backdating Announcements and Information Advantage of Institutional Investors", Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 35 (4):696-722. Link to Paper
  • Lu, H., Wang, K. Q., & Wang, X. (2014) "Price Shocks, News Disclosures, and Asymmetric Drifts", Accounting Review, 89 (5):1805-1834. Link to Paper
  • Hillier, G., Kan, R., & Wang, X. (2014) "Generating functions and short recursions, with applications to the moments of quadratic forms in non-central normal vectors", Econometric Theory, 30 (2):436-473. Link to Paper
  • Kan, R., & Wang, X. (2010) "On the distribution of the sample autocorrelation coefficients", Journal of Econometrics, 154 (2):101-121. Link to Paper
  • Hillier, G., Kan, R., & Wang, X. (2009) "Computationally Efficient Recursions for Top-Order Invariant Polynomials with Applications", Econometric Theory, 25 (1):211-242. Link to Paper