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Hyunjung (Elle) Yoon

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship
Office: 3477 Gerdin

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“Elle” Hyunjung Yoon is Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University. She received a Ph.D. degree in Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business in May of 2022. Her research area is at the intersection of corporate governance, strategic leadership, and stakeholder relations. Prior to her Ph.D., she received a Master's degree in Marketing at Warrington College of Business of the University of Florida and a Master's degree in Statistics at Indiana University in Bloomington.


  • Strategic management
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic leadership
  • Social evaluations
  • CEO attributes
  • Corporate reputation

Selected Publications

  • Howard, M. D., Lyles, M., & Yoon, H. (forthcoming) "Right Dance Wrong Partner: CEO Overconfidence and Organizational Knowledge Characteristics in Alliance Partner Selection", Journal of Management, Link to Paper
  • Choi, H., Yoon, H., Siegel, D., Waldman, D. A., & Mitchell, M. S. (2022) "Assessing differences between university and federal laboratory postdoctoral scientists in technology transfer", Research Policy, 51 (3):1-14. Link to Paper
  • Busenbark, J. R., Yoon, H., Gamache, D. L., & Withers, M. C. (2022) "Omitted Variable Bias: Examining Management Research With the Impact Threshold of a Confounding Variable (ITCV)", Journal of Management, 48 (1):17-48. Link to Paper