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Young Woong Park

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics
Office: 3238 Gerdin

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  • Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Operations Research
  • Optimization

Selected Publications

  • Park, Y.W., Kim, J., & Zhu, D. (2024) "Discordance Minimization-based Imputation Algorithms for Missing Values in Rating Data", Machine Learning, 113:241-279. Link to Paper
  • Y.W. Park, G.B. Voss, and Z.G. Voss (2023) "Advancing customer diversity, equity, and inclusion: Measurement, stakeholder influence, and the role of marketing", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 51:174-197. Link to Paper
  • Y.W.Park, J. Blackhurst, C. Paul, and K.P. Scheibe (2022) "An Analysis of The Ripple Effect for Disruptions Occurring in Circular Flows of A Supply Chain Network", International Journal of Production Research, Link to Paper
  • Y.W.Park and D. Klabjan (2020) "Subset Selection for Multiple Linear Regression via Optimization", Journal of Global Optimization, 77 (3):543-574. Link to Paper
  • S. Chung, Y.W. Park, T. Cheong (2020) "A Mathematical Programming Approach for Integrated Multiple Linear Regression Subset Selection and Validation", Pattern Recognition, 108:107565. Link to Paper
  • Y.W. Park (2020) "MILP Models for Complex System Reliability Redundancy Allocation with Mixed Components", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 32 (3):600-619. Link to Paper
  • Y.W.Park (2021) "Optimization for L1-Norm Error Fitting via Data Aggregation", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 33 (1):120-142. Link to Paper
  • J. Kim, Y.W. Park, A.J. Williams (2021) "A Mathematical Programming Approach for Imputation of Unknown Journal Ratings in a Combined Journal Quality List", Decision Sciences, 52 (2):455-482. Link to Paper
  • Y.W. Park and D. Klabjan (2017) "Bayesian Network Learning via Topological Order", Journal of Machine Learning Research, 18 (99):1-32.
  • Y.W. Park, Y. Jiang, D. Klabjan, and L. Williams (2017) "Algorithms for Generalized Cluster-Wise Linear Regression", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29 (2):301-317. Link to Paper
  • Y.W. Park and D. Klabjan (2016) "An Aggregate and Iterative Disaggregate Algorithm with Proven Optimality in Machine Learning", Machine Learning, 105:199-232. Link to Paper