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Zhengrui Jiang

Title: Thome Professor in Business / Professor of Information Systems
Department: Information Systems

Office: 3187 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-1833

Academic History

  • MS, Computer Science, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana, 2000
  • MBA, Business Administration, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana, 2000
  • PhD, Management Science/Information Systems, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas, 2005


  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Data Quality/Decision-Making under Uncertainty
  • Diffusion of Technological Innovation
  • Economics of Information Technology


Thome Professorship in Business 2012
MIS Quarterly Outstanding Associate Editor Award 2016
College of Business Junior Faculty Research Award 2012

Selected Publications

  • Qu, X., Z. Jiang "A Time-based Dynamic Synchronization Policy for Consolidated Database Systems", MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming
  • Jiang, Z., X. Qu, D. Jain "Optimal Market Entry Timing for Successive Generations of Technological Innovations", MIS Quarterly, forthcoming
  • Wang, M., Z. Jiang, Y. Zhang, H. Yang. (2018) "T-Closeness Slicing: A New Privacy Preserving Approach for Transactional Data Publishing", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 30 (3):438-453.
  • Feng, H., Z. Jiang, D. Liu (2018) "Quality, Pricing, and Release Time: Optimal Market Entry Strategy for New Software-As-A-Service Vendors", MIS Quarterly, 42 (1):333-353.
  • Jiang, Z., K. P. Scheibe, S. Nilakanta, X. Qu (2017) "The Economics of Public Beta Testing", Decision Sciences, 48 (1):150-175. Link to Paper
  • Cai, Y., Z. Jiang, V. Mookerjee (2017) "How to Deal with Liars? Designing Intelligent Rule-Based Expert Systems to Increase Accuracy or Reduce Cost", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29 (2):268-286.
  • Jiang, Zhengrui, Dipak Jain (2012) "A Generalized Norton-Bass Model for Multigeneration Diffusion", Management Science, 58 (10):1887-1897.
  • Jiang, Z., S. Sarkar, V. S. Jacob (2012) "Post-Release Testing and Software Release Policy for Enterprise-Level Systems.", Information Systems Research , 23 (3):635-657.
  • Jiang, Z. (2012) "A Decision-Theoretic Framework for Numerical Attribute Value Reconciliation.", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 24 (7):1153-1169.
  • Jiang, Z., S. Sarkar (2009) "Speed Matters: The Role of Free Software Offer in Software Diffusion.", Journal of Management Information Systems, 26 (3):207-239.
  • Jiang, Z., S. Sarkar, P. De and D. Dey. (2007) "A Framework for Reconciling Attribute Values from Multiple Data Sources.", Management Science, 53 (12):1946-1963.
  • Jiang, Z., F. M. Bass, P. I. Bass. (2006) "The Virtual Bass Model and the Left-Hand Data-Truncation Bias in Diffusion of Innovation Studies.", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 23 (1):93-106.
  • Jiang, Z., V. Mookerjee, S. Sarkar. (2005) "Lying on the Web: Implications for Expert Systems Redesign.", Information Systems Research, 16 (2):131-148.