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The Master of Business Analytics is an interdisciplinary graduate program for employed professionals that addresses the challenges of dealing with data analytics and business intelligence in the “Big Data” environment. It was developed to meet the needs of today’s businesses and organizations facing intense global competition and constant technological disruptions.

The digital revolution empowered by the Internet and computer networking technology during the last several decades has generated unimaginable amounts of data.  The volume, velocity, and variety of this data have produced a new set of problems and challenges facing businesses and organizations.

The Master of Business Analytics at Iowa State University is a unique, blended program that draws from several of Iowa State’s leading educational fields in science and technology including Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics, and Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. This interdisciplinary program offers businesses the opportunity to develop managers who will master analytics in ways that lead to increased performance and profits for their company.

The program provides a foundation in data analytics, project management, statistical and predictive modeling, consumer sentiment analysis, knowledge discovery, analytical reporting, segmentation analysis, and data visualization. The program has a customized, capstone team project which allows for focused training in areas such as fraud detection, risk management, text mining, and process improvement.

Students begin the 21 month program in the summer with a one-week, on campus business analytics overview course. Students revisit the campus at the midway point, and at the end of the program.  The remainder of the coursework is delivered online.

Students are encouraged to submit the completed application by June 30th because of limited enrollment. International students are encouraged to submit their application by May 15th to ensure I20 paperwork can be completed.